New Message Editor Launched!

Quick New Feature Overview:

# Excellent Microsoft Word compatibility
# Revolutionary Image Editor
# Higher loading speed
# Remote File Explorer
# Multiple file upload
# Right-click operations & contextual menus
# Word-like toolbars
# Content Templates
# Special characters insertion
# New properties panels (inspectors)
# Clean HTML content
# Better platform and browser compatibility
# Support for inserting media files (Flash, AVI, MOV)

Detailed Feature Comparison Chart:

Feature Previous Editor
Text editing
Font and size drop downs x x
Visual font type and size drop downs x x
Bold, Italic and Underline options x x
Headings x x
Visual heading selector x x
Bullett-ed and numbered lists x x
Intuitive color pickers x x
Insert Special Characters x
Visual CSS Selector x x
Link to site pages, external targets and anchors x x
Hyperlink picker x
Cut/Copy/Paste buttons x x
Subscript and superscript x
Undo/Redo x x
Find and replace x
Table formatting
Insert table dialog x x
Improved Insert table dialog x
Easy column and row insertion x x
Cell/row spanning x x
Cell background and border colors x x
Cell width and height x x
Cell spacing and padding, alignment x x
Merge cells x
Apply CSS styles on TR and TD tags x
Support for TH tags x
Support background images for TABLE and TD tags x
Advanced image and file manipulation
User friendly interface for image galleries x x
Image upload x x
Security check on uploaded files x x
Position image relative to page elements x x
Insert/file/image/media file from toolbar x
Unified file/image/media explorer x
Home/Up/new folder navigation buttons x
Edit File/Delete File edit operations buttons x
Folder filter x
Tree-menu explorer x
Right-click contextual menu on thumbnails x
File types filter x
Automatically create thumbnails in reserved folder x
Display image properties x
Insert/Delete Flash/Movie properties x
Edit Flash/Movie properties x
Simple Image editor x
Optimized image display using AJAX x
Display image/file properties as tooltips x
Contextual Help x
Contextual Menu on Files and Folders x
Multiple file upload x
Upload/Delete Flash/Movie Objects x
Manage templates x
Image Editor
Increase/Decrease contrast x
Blur/Sharpen support x
Increase/Decrease brightness x
Horizontal/Vertical flip x
Left/Right rotation x
Crop image x
Resize image x
Compress image x
Zoom in/out x
Contextual help x
Reset zoom x
Undo image editing x
Innovative Property Editors
HTML Tables and image management x x
Improved property inspectors for TABLE, TR and TD tags x
Link attributes settings x x
Define link colors: activate links and visited links x
Easily select a tag and move it x x
HTML Forms
Insert HTML Form Button x
HTML Forms tags introspection x
Forms tags Property Inspector x
Send form by mail support x
Ease of use
Toolbar show/hide option x
No additional software needed x x
Copy/Paste from Word documents x x
HTML Cleaner x x
Clean up selected text x
Clean CSS Styles x
Clean all formatting x
Contextual Help x x
Contextual menus x
UTF-8 support x x
Word-like interface x x
Layout view/Code view switch for code tuning x x
Advanced Copy/Paste from external documents (prompt for action) x
Syntax formatting x x
Multi-language interfaces x x
Effective spell check module
English, German, French and other x x
Automatic word correction x x
Add word to custom dictionaries x x
Automatic replacement of word x x
Spellchecking on selected text x

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