Anti-Spamming Solution for Web Forms

Our latest feature release marks the end of automated form submissions clogging up your database with annoying fake contact information.
You can now add a verification image – called a Captcha – to your web forms to make sure only humans can submit your form.

How does it work?
An extra field and a small image will appear on the web form. Visitors must type in the word that appears on the image in order to be able to submit the form.
An image is used rather than plain text because computer scripts can easily read plain text on web pages while it is nearly impossible for them to read text that is embedded in an image.
For added security the image is slightly distorted making it more difficult for advanced computer scripts to read its content but it is easily readable by humans.

How to add the verification image to existing forms?
To add a captcha to an existing form you need to modify the source code of the form.
Click here for instructions.

How to add the verification image to new forms?

  1. Log in to your account and go to the “Form Generator” page located under the Actions tab.
  2. Customize your webform choosing from the various fields available on this page.
  3. Check the applicable checkbox on the bottom of this page to include the verification image to prevent automated form submissions.
  4. Click on “Generate Form”
  5. Paste the code into the source code of your web page

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