31 Best B2B Email Marketing Examples and Best Practices

31 Best B2B Email Marketing Examples and Best Practices

B2B emailing is the deal maker for many businesses. 

B2B companies that do email marketing properly can grow their business faster.

They succeed in increasing their sales, revenues, and profits.

A B2B email marketing sequence might be precisely what you need to fulfill your market breakthrough.

Now, isn’t that a goal you want to achieve?  

To help you achieve success with your B2B email campaigns, we’ve put together this article to introduce you to:

Ready to close the deal? Let’s get to it.

What is B2B Email Marketing?

B2B email marketing refers to several techniques and best practices to sell your products and services to other businesses.

These techniques and practices boil down to sending the right emails to the right businesses and grow your network. 

At this juncture, you may wonder why it is so important.

When asked about which marketing channel is the most important to their organization’s overall content marketing success, 91% of B2B marketers answered email.

Statistics about the importance of email marketing

Knowing that for every dollar spent on email marketing, you get $43 back, no wonder why it is judged as paramount.

In this case, email automation will be your best friend. It will help you to fertilize your email campaign at a lower cost and save you time.

Furthermore, the return on investment (ROI) of internet marketing is difficult to establish.

Yet, email marketing is your way to collect the interests of your partners and subscribers. The aim is to know if your campaign is on fire or not.

To analyze your email marketing campaigns’ performance, you can access these indicators:

  • Deliverability rates,
  • Email open rates,
  • Click rates.

With these indicators, you can test and optimize your next B2B email marketing campaigns. It personalizes communication and builds long-term customer loyalty. 

All to increase customer engagement and revenue.

But, how is B2B email marketing different from B2C email marketing? 

B2B Email Marketing VS B2C Email Marketing: 5 Differences

To take benefit of B2B email campaigns, companies should make sure they communicate effectively.

So, you need to think strategically about the audience you’re trying to reach. Then you can personalize your content according to your target audience.

This is where the difference between B2B and B2C email marketing comes into play.

You have to know that B2B marketing emails are distinguishable from B2C marketing emails in many forms.

Here are the main 5 differences between business to business and business to customer email campaigns.

1. Decision-making

For B2C consumers, the sales cycle is almost always shorter than for the B2B market.

That’s because a customer can make decisions faster than a whole organization.

In most cases, business decisions are not made on an individual basis. An idea is put on the table for discussion. It then goes through a chain of administrative decisions to be validated.

2. The content

B2B marketing emails should be informative about the product/service and its benefits.

A customer’s B2B sales funnel is different. To close a deal, companies need as much information as possible.

But B2C customers tend to be more influenced by quick sales and promotions. That is why they are more likely to make impulse buying.

3. The layout

The B2C graphical aspect of an email is much more important for businesses than for a B2B organization.

Consumers (B2C) are more receptive to visual content. But they are less inclined to read long text-filled emails.

It doesn’t mean that this aspect is neglected in B2B marketing emails. However, you can always be creative with your B2B emails to stand out. 

4. The tone

The “tone of voice” describes the specific marketing communications tone.

The tone required to engage B2C consumers varies, ranging from humorous, ironic, friendly to a more serious, and formal style, depending on your customer relationship.

It also depends on the personality of the brand and the products/services you’re offing. 

For B2B companies, the tone is often more informative and formal. There is room for humour in some B2B emails, but it must be well-placed.

5. The contact list

B2C consumers tend to subscribe to newsletters from companies that interest them.

According to Emarketer, approximately 33% of B2C contacts are already customers. 

Thus, B2C companies can form databases for their email marketing without difficulty.

While B2B brands usually have to work much harder to generate leads. 

Which leads us to our next point, how to generate leads for B2B email marketing 

5 Ways to Grow Your B2B Email Marketing List

A mailing list is a  synonym for a subscriber list. It is a collection of emails you have received through your blog or website.

A B2B email list is a set of email addresses used by a business to send marketing materials to multiple recipients.

In other words, a mailing list refers to the total number of subscribers you have.

You can build it by engaging with potential customers through lead generation strategies.

Growing your B2B email marketing list is a bit trickier than growing your B2C one.

But no worries! We are providing you with 5 proven ways to develop this mailing list.

1. Add opt-in forms to your blog page

If you manage a blog page and have a significant number of readers, I recommend adding a membership form.

Why should you do this? Because you want to turn your blog readers into valuable leads. Also, your blog readers are more accustomed to some contact from you. They will be more open to becoming qualified marketing leads. 

Business blogs are essential because they create traffic. They become a channel that links your writings to your website, thanks to opt-ins.

This is why it is so crucial to include opt-ins on your blog page.

When new visitors find value in an article on your blog page, they will get excited to learn more about your business. 

You have showcased an added value, and they want to know what else you have to share.

Through your blogs, you have already positioned yourself as someone with knowledge and notoriety.  Readers love it! They would like to know more about you; that’s why they will willingly subscribe.

2. Offer a downloadable lead magnet

A lead magnet is a proposal that marketers offer to potential customers in exchange for their email address.

Lead magnets offer downloadable digital content such as

  • Free PDF checklists
  • Whitepapers
  • Reports
  • Videos

It showcases your good intention to share helpful resources with your audience.

3. Display onsite retargeting popups

Onsite retargeting is a personalized and targeted advertisement that focuses on your visitor behaviour. 

It’s designed to track visitors as they navigate your site and detect when their behaviour indicates that they need additional content to stay engaged.

To do so, onsite retargeting uses tracking algorithms to detect inactivity and mouse movement. 

It’s an effective way to attract people, grow your email list, and generate leads.

B2B lead generation popup

4. Host Webinars

webinars help you position yourself as an industry expert. It allows you to market your services and show the audience how you can help them achieve their goals.

So you’re not only sharing knowledge but also developing your business network at the same time.

Webinars help you understand your target audience. So then you can turn your audience to leads quickly.

This makes your audience more willing to be contacted afterward.

The exciting part? Webinars are not limited to a geographic location and can be reached by anyone, anywhere. It’s merely a great way to expand your email list.

5. Use social media

You can collect email addresses by promoting a webinar or a podcast on social media. You can also promote an offer on Facebook that requires an email address in exchange.

Or you can add a CTA button at the top of your Facebook page.

Facebook signup button

31 Best B2B Email Marketing Examples

A successful B2B email marketing sequence can contain more than 30 emails. Each email has a specific purpose.

You have to rock up emails in your B2B email campaign to stand out. For that, we’ve put together 31 inspiring B2B email marketing examples.

7 B2B welcome emails examples

These B2B email examples have a goal to establish contact with your audience.

1. Make a good first impression 

You can’t make a first impression twice. Well, this also applies to B2B email marketing.

Sometimes a straightforward welcome email can be enough to leave a good first impression. In this B2B email template, the content is simple, direct, and informative.

Responsive B2B welcome email

2. Motivate your registrants to act

It is quite common for subscribers to join your contact list and then stay on the fringe, receiving your email but never getting involved in your products or services.

To change that, you have to motivate them to take action through an encouraging B2B activation email. This is exactly what Asana tried to do through this B2B email template.

Asana B2B activation email sample

3. Alert activation 

A B2B activation email is essential. It allows you to remind your customers to activate their accounts after their registration.

Here is a B2B email example from Rdio to remind their registrants to finish what they started.

B2B reminder email example sent to activate leads

4. Use active voice 

The usage of an active voice never fails to motivate your audience to act and follow your instructions.

A free trial is essential for B2B companies. It gives an insight into the added value you can offer.

That insight should motivate your audience to buy your product/service after trying it.

This B2B triggered email example shows how simple the process is when you use an active voice.

B2B free trial email example from Google

5. Motivate referrals 

Referrals from existing customers bring in additional potential new customers. It is the most straightforward lead generation tool you already have at your fingertips.

This B2B email marketing example showcases an attractive and prominent CTA. A great animated GIF that presents the benefits, attractively, and with a generous reward.

B2B referral email example

6. Re-engage inactive customers

Subscribers become inactive; it’s inevitable. And to fight against that, you should use re-engagement email campaigns.

The good news is that it’s easier and cheaper to re-engage your subscribers rather than getting new ones.

According to Invesp, turning an inactive subscriber into a customer costs 5 times less than acquiring a brand new one.

ReturnPath presents an attractive GIF-animated B2B email example, as well as a thoughtful and stilted message to inform subscribers that their commitment is missing and give them a choice to stay or leave.

Re-engagement email sample from Return Patch

7. Attract new members

Through this B2B email marketing example, Ellevest is inviting its audience to get new members. It also states the promises and offers a member will receive.

This B2B email design is catchy and professional at the same time.

Membership email example

6 B2B confirmation email templates

1. Confirm the payment

Payment confirmation emails are essential since it informs and reassures your buyers that their transaction was successful.

This B2B confirmation email example is a simple one. You can use a similar business email template to confirm your customer’s order and payment.

Abstract B2B confirmation email template

2. Cheer new registrants

This sample B2B registration email illustrates how to introduce your registrant into your network. 

It is minimalist, but it delivers its purpose. Straightforward emails are useful in terms of facilitating the email content reception.

B2B welcome emails to cheer new registrants

3.Give awards as confirmation   

Along with the confirmation email, you can integrate a referral message and an award. That is what honey did through this confirmation email template.

This B2B email example also showcases a nicely done email design.

B2B confirmation email to reassure user about transaction success

4. Make it simple

Nowadays, people are so overloaded with information that they end up scanning their emails.

However, by making your email shorter and more straightforward, you can create email marketing campaigns that fit the readers who scan and increase your chances of getting your key messages to read and remembered.

This B2B confirmation sample by Picktochart is simple yet effective. It has explicit content and a minimal and attractive call to action button.

Double opt-in confirmation email

5. Show appreciation 

Receiving thank-you emails is always a pleasure. By thanking your registrants for subscribing, you will share a genuine connection with them.

This B2B email example showcases a thank you note along with a small paragraph sharing its mission.

B2B email to thank new users who sign up

6. Simplify the registration process

The simpler the registration process, the more likely your audience will be interested. Your audience will be more motivated to act if the instructions are clear and simple.

Once your email is received, the recipient will have nothing else to do but follow your simple instructions. 

You can get inspired by this B2B email example. It is simple, on point, and attractive.

B2B confirmation email with a code

14 Best B2B advertising email examples  

1. Give an overview of your product 

If you can reveal a glimpse of your product/service through email, why not brag about it!

That is exactly what Adobe did. 

Adobe presented a glimpse of its service through this email design. The result is creative and attractive.

Animated B2B email example from Adobe

2. Announce modification 

Uber uses an announcement email to inform customers of exciting new features that will improve their service.

This B2B email example illustrates a creative way to do so. 

Announcement email sample sent by Uber

3. Announce new functionalities 

If you have a new feature or integration, why not send an announcement email and let your customers know about it! 

This B2B email example does just that. It also clarifies the Instagram interconnection procedure to the customers.

new integration announcement email

4. Check-in on your audience 

It is always favourable to catch up with your registrant in a friendly way, as shown in the following example.

This B2B email example is with no doubt, a muse both design and content-wise. It adds spark and magic to budgeting.

B2B re-activation email sent to inactive users

5. Give out resources 

When you update your website, it is advisable to give downloadable user guides. 

Justuno has tried to implement this strategy by providing an educational user guide. It allows your audience to stay informed.

eBook email example for lead magnet

6. Notify them of your discount 

If you offer a discount, you should make it viral. Whether in the B2B field or not, discounts attract everyone, literally.

In this business email, the discount offer is showcased professionally along with a referral request. 

B2B email sample offering discount for early bird tickets

7. Take care of your customer 

Taking care of your customer is not only about providing them with your products and services.

It’s about showing that you’re there through their ups and downs.

You don’t always have to be a salesman. You can also show empathy once in a while, and your audience will appreciate it.

Customer appreciation email to nurture subscribers

8. Celebrate the new year and your partnerships

The new year is a perfect occasion to showcase gratitude to your partners. 

This B2B new year email showcases excitement and gratitude through the usage of an attractive GIF.

Email example to celebrate new year with customers

9. Send seasonal updates

A seasonal email is always more pleasant to browse.

This example of a B2B marketing email shows that Intuit uses its creativity to remind customers to check their credit rating. This is a matter of great concern for any company.

Segmented B2B email to celebrate season

10. Make your subscribers your second family 

It is authentic to let your audience know that you are spending holidays with them. It makes a beautiful and big family out of your network.

Don´t forget to add a thank you note. Holidays are the time to be grateful.

celebrating holiday with customers with a B2B email campaign

11. Add interactive CTAs

The right call to action in email can motivate users to take the desired action on the email.

This email showcases a successful holiday email full of joy and surprises. Click to get a gift. How easier could it get.

Creative B2B email for gift

12. Be creative

This email from LogMeIn sets a dramatic tone to grab readers’ attention. It inspires real creativity when it comes to B2B emails.

It highlights what’s important, while the video and design make the email interactive.

B2B email example includes a video

13. Launch a webinar 

Webinars are beneficial to help introduce your customers to your industry.

One of the best ways to get people to participate in your webinar is to provide them with details on the value they would receive from participating. 

The webinar invitation email can provide you with the opportunity to do this.

 In this sample email, Asana provides an overview of what its audience can expect from its webinar.

Introducing host in webinar invitation email

14. Provide a demo 

You don’t want to attract your audience and then lose leads right back. That’s why product demos can strengthen customer relationships, convert trial users to paying customers, share knowledge, etc.

A good product demo shows your audience that you’re willing to help your customers, educate them, solve their problems.

Here is a creative B2B email template that has it all.

B2B Demo booking email sample

4 B2B follow up email examples 

1. Win-back your subscribers 

When you’re trying to win back your audience’s attention, you may want to consider doing it fashionably.

To do this, you can show your customer what he is missing out by not being responsive. 

Here is an example of what a B2B retention email could look like.

Retention email sample for B2B organization

2. Use Attractive email design and CTA buttons

A well-designed B2B email can play a significant role in enhancing your company’s reputation by providing attractive images and content.

This template presented by Grammarly is a well-designed follow-up email template with an attention-grabbing CTA.

B2B follow up email with creative CTA

3. Follow up by asking for feedback 

Feedback is the raw material for you to improve your product and services. 

This is why you need to keep listening to your customers to improve your product/service. 

In this example, Tailor brands did it with an extra gift to motivate their customers to share their feedback.

Beautiful responsive email design for a survey invitation

4. Say goodbye when in need 

Breakups don’t have to be always sad. Sometimes it is suitable so you won’t waste your resources and energy.

Here is a B2B example of how you can say goodbye while giving a second chance to the other party.

B2B goodbye email example sent to churned customers

5 B2B Best Practices to Consider

To get the most out of your B2B email sequence, you need to adopt performance-generating behaviour.

That is why we conducted 5 B2B emailing best practices for you to adopt. 

1. Get notified when a lead fills an important form

Some forms on your website are considered a gate for your next customer.

Register to Envoke to create your CASL compliant opt-in forms, embed it to your website and get notified when a lead fills an important form.

This way you get in touch with your leads when they’re most interested.

Here is a preview of Envoke’s form builder.

2. Personalize your B2B email sequence

As you can notice, most of the email examples presented reinforce the closeness feeling between you and your email recipient.

To stay in this continuity, you must personalize your campaign as much as possible.

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Position
  • Company 
  • Industry, etc.

Try to prove to your recipients that you know them by adding custom fields in your email body. 

This way, each recipient receives a unique email, making them more likely to respond and engage.

94% of customer analytics and marketing professionals across multiple industries said personalization is paramount to achieving their current marketing goals.

3. Use dynamic content

Usually, to ensure that you deliver the right content to the right recipient, you create separate emails with unique messaging for different segments of your B2B customers.

But with dynamic content, you can use a single email to show different content to different recipients.

Dynamic content is broadly defined as any digital or online content that varies based on user behaviour, data, and preferences. It can be in the format of text, audio, or video.

This can save you a lot of time, mostly if you duplicate your emails and make small changes for different segments.

Register to Envoke to send your B2B emails with dynamic content that shows or hides within the same message depending on audience interests.

For example, you can display different content to CEOs than the one you display to directors.

4. Optimize your B2B email subject line

The subject line is what will get your audience to either open or ignore your email.

 It sparks new customer relationships and deepens your relationship with existing customers.

Consider these tips for writing captivating subject lines:

  • Know your audience and customize your subject lines according to their preferences,
  • Give the spotlight to your customer’s needs and desires,
  • Show Real value, don’t make empty promises, 
  • Use numbers to indicate values,
  • Don’t exceed a 4 to 7 words length line.

5. Automate your B2B email marketing campaign 

First things first, you have to be familiar with how essential drip campaigns are for your business.

A drip campaign includes a series of emails that are sent automatically. It will help you schedule your B2B emails based on your audience’s action.

Automating action-triggered emails help you save time and energy. It will also lead and nurture your perspectives along the buyer’s path and strengthen relationships with existing clients.

The perfect B2B automated drip campaign should:

  • Introduce your organization.
  • Build trust and engage leads.
  • Nurture and qualify your leads for you.
  • Convert leads into paying customers.

If these points are covered in your B2B drip campaign, you’re on the right track toward incr

B2B Email Marketing Benchmark

It is essential to be up to date when it comes to B2B email statistics. It helps you to know your market and how to improve it based on numbers. It also allows you to rate your B2B email campaigns based on reference statistics.

Fortunately, there are several good options for comparing email responses in different sectors.

All that you need to compare your metrics such as opening rate, click-through rate, and engagement rate to other companies in the same industry.

However, it is not enough to simply compare figures from the same sector.

You’ll have to dig a little deeper into the types of emails sent.

For example, transactional emails such as a welcome sequence tend to have much higher interactions and clicks than a regular newsletter.

Based on the latest compilation of 2020, the Average Industry Rates for Email as of September 2020, here are a few figures that may be of interest to you.

B2B email marketing benchmark data
B2B email benchmark statistics

Reading the figures in this table is not tricky. If we take the financial consulting sector as an example, we can see that the open rate in total is about 11.50%, the clickthrough rate is 7.72%, and the bounce rate is 12,64%.

The bounce rate is an indicator that you don’t want to be high. It represents the percentage of visitors who navigate away from your site instantly after viewing only one page.


In summary, the first step is to have your emails opened. Then, the next step is providing high-quality personalized content for them to click and act upon.

Now that you understand best practices in B2B email marketing, you can look at your campaign and see if it compares. This will help you determine if you are doing enough to engage your audience or not.

Have you started your B2B email marketing?

If not, register to Envoke and set up campaigns to convert leads into customers.

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