In the News: How Envoke’s Email Marketing Solution Targets CASL with Consent

Envoke’s software for CASL compliance in the news:
The first story in a series of articles in looking at different software solutions to help marketers comply with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) focuses on’s CASL compliant email marketing software.
Citing the need to convert implied consent email contacts into express consent under CASL, writer Candice So draws attention to Envoke’s automated email permission management functionality as a key differentiator from other CASL compliance software solutions in the marketplace. The article says Envoke has created a system that helps marketers encourage consumers to move from implied consent to giving express consent, without requiring marketers to do too much manual work themselves.
In the article, president Martin Millican is quoted as saying, “The overall approach is to detect people (in your database) that you don’t have consent for, present them with options (to provide express consent), and make it automatic.”
Visit to read the full article: How Envoke email marketing solution targets CASL with consent.

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