15+ Engaging Christmas Newsletter Ideas & Examples

Christmas newsletter ideas

December is the holiday season and undoubtedly the merriest time of all year. But this year is unlike the previous ones.

2020 is different. Out of safety concerns, shoppers are avoiding going to stores.

Getting onboard Christmas online shopping is a chance to increase your company’s revenue during the holiday season.

Do you have a Christmas newsletter idea to engage your audience and not miss out on revenue? If not, you’re in the right place.

In this article, you’ll get inspired by these tips:

Let’s get to it.

3 Stages of Christmas Email Campaigns

To get the most efficient performance out of your Christmas email campaign, you need to divide your campaign into three key stages.

Here is how to divide your Christmas email marketing into three main stages:

  • Pre-Christmas: Weeks before the Christmas period.
  • Christmas: Days of the Christmas period.
  • Post-Christmas: Weeks after Christmas.

1. Pre-Christmas stage

Many customers love to shop early for Christmas so they receive their orders on time.

Starting from the first and second week of  November you can begin to launch the campaign. 

Your pre-Christmas campaign opens up the door for three major benefits: 

  • Targeting and persuading early shoppers. 
  • Keeping your products and brand on top of your customers’ minds. 
  • Warming up for the big day.

Your pre-Christmas email campaign can be in many forms. Usually, there are three most commonly used forms.

1. Christmas Wishlist

Sending your subscribers a wishlist email is an excellent way of letting them know that Christmas is around the corner. 

Allow your contacts to browse, pick, and shop their Xmas list for when Christmas arrives.

Christmas wishlist email

2. Christmas Gift Guides

Deciding on a gift is not always easy, and many of us struggle with finding the perfect gift. 

Your customers can be undecided or just lost and could use your help.

Gift guides are useful to your contacts and work perfectly as a Pre-Christmas email campaign.

Send contacts different gift guides based on their interests to help them pick their favorite gift and shop from you.

Christmas gift guide

3.Christmas teasers email

Send teaser emails to your subscribers during the pre-Christmas period to spread excitement and curiosity, keeping your subscribers stirred up about your official Christmas campaign’s launch. 

Take the following Christmas email design as an example.

Xmas email teaser

2. Actual Christmas email campaign

You’ve already been feeding your subscribers with pre-Christmas emails. The big days have arrived for you to score a touchdown.

It’s the Christmas period. You’ve engaged your subscribers with personalized content and won their attention. 

Most likely, you’re on top of your subscribers’ minds by now.

The period surrounding Christmas is the period to start launching discounts and offers. You already know which products your subscribers are interested in. 

Your competitors will be doing the same during December, so do not fill up your subscribers’ inbox with nonsense emails, be creative and organized with your Christmas email campaign. 

Be precise, light, and smart with your Christmas email newsletter. User a winner Christmas subject lines to ensure that your contacts open your email and discover the offer.

If you’ve launched teasers in your Pre-Xmas emails campaign, do not forget to send out a reminder.

So that your subscribers check out what you’ve prepared for them for Christmas. Here is an example.

Christmas discount email template

Only one important thing has remained for you to do at this stage, which is wishing your subscribers a Merry Christmas.

You have to make sure that you send out wishes to your customers to make them feel they matter. It’s a strong move for your company’s brand.

In the following email example, they’ve wished a merry Xmas for their subscribers as well as giving a free offer.

Merry Christmas email template

3. Post-Christmas stage

By the 26th of December, Christmas is done -, but not for you. It’s the time for the post-Christmas campaign. There are a few tricks left up in your sleeve by now.

This is the perfect time for you to come in with an outstanding post-Christmas email offer or end of year wrap-ups, or simply a “thank you” note for your loyal customers.

Take the following post-Christmas template as an example.

Xmas and new year email newsletter example

15 Christmas Newsletter Ideas and Examples for Your Holiday Campaign

According to Statista, 53% of Christmas shopping starts in October and November. Do you have a Christmas newsletter idea ready?

Here we collected 15 Christmas email templates to help you make the most out of this season and celebrate it with your customers.

You can recreate the included examples in the Envoke email marketing software

1. Announce holiday deals

In the holiday season, every company is trying to attract as many customers as possible. 

Stay ahead of your competitors by offering an expiring deal to increase contacts’ sense of urgency

Get the word out early through a holiday announcement email to kick off the season.

Include the main products or services you would like to promote during this time, as AVON did in this Christmas email sample.

Holiday deals announcement email

2. Offer free shipping

Free shipping might seem a tiny offer, but it significantly affects your prospects’ buying decision. And during the holiday season, no one would say no to such an offer.

As the Christmas email design below, offer your customers free shipping throughout the Christmas period.

Holiday email free shipping idea

3. Provide gift card bonus

Other than offering discounts on sales and promotions. You can personalize your campaigns and spoil your favorite customers with gifts and bonus cards.

Gift cards and bonuses could attract new potential customers as well as promoting your unique holiday products.

This Xmas email template from SleepCountry offers a generous coupon to increase contacts’ engagement.

Christmas newsletter design idea

4. Provide a holiday gift guide

Don’t let your customers roam around lost. Present them with the perfect holiday gift guide while promoting your products for the season.

Segment your Christmas newsletter based on the different interests of contacts.

Holiday gift guide email template

5. Giveaway holidays coupons

Coupons are an effective way to boost the conversion of your holiday campaign.

During the holiday season, Uber sent the following Christmas newsletter example offering its customers 20% off.

Holiday season giveaway email template

6. Wish your contacts a Merry Christmas

During December Holidays, do not miss the chance to win your customers’ hearts. Enlighten their hearts with positive energy and best wishes. 

Heartwarming wishes could make a significant impact on your relationship with your customers. So take advantage of this chance and send your best Merry Christmas email.

Merry christmas email design

7. Offer last-minute deals

Last-minute reminder emails are a massive factor in your holiday campaign performance.

You can segment your contacts using Envoke and schedule a Christmas reminder email to contacts who didn’t open your previous campaign.

This way, no one is left behind, even late shoppers.

ASOS company did that perfectly by animating their Christmas email design with a GIF.

Last minute xmas deal email animated gif idea

8. Reward your loyal customers

The Holiday season is all about spreading love. Get a little closer to your customers by rewarding them during the Christmas season.

It’s a symbolic gesture that could benefit you greatly without costing you as much.

Christmas newsletter sample email

9. Trigger curiosity with a teasers email

During the holiday season, shoppers browse different sites before buying.

Before holiday promotion starts, check your customers with a small teaser email to keep them excited.

Provide the time & date of a promotion release without giving customers any clue of what it will be. This way, you’ll be in the mind of your customers, keeping them both thrilled and excited to see what’s coming.

Here is a successful Christmas newsletter template to get inspired.

Holiday teaser email sample

10. Send last chance calls

A wide range of shoppers ends up shopping at the last time of any holiday occasion due to different reasons.

You need to maximize the chances of any revenue and win more customers.

Run a holiday email campaign for late shoppers, and if your product has to be shipped, it’s better to inform contacts that their order will arrive on time.

Xmas email design tips

11. Share your physical store working hours

Some holiday shoppers prefer the real experience of shopping. They’d prefer to see and touch the product before buying.

It’s worth sharing with your contacts when you’re open, and at the same time, you motivate them to visit your store.

A great Christmas email sample was sent to inform contacts about their holiday hours in December.

Christmas email with discount

12. Thank your customers

When operating your business online, you can’t shake your customers’ hands and say thank you. Yet, virtually, a thank-you email has the same impact.

It strengthens your relationship with your customers as you consider them not just consumers, but also friends and family.

Express gratitude to your customers to increase their loyalty with a similar Christmas message. 

Thank you email for the holidays

13. Be simple & creative

Keep your campaigning emails direct, simple, and, most importantly, well-designed. 

Register to Envoke to design and send a beautiful Christmas newsletter campaign with no tech or design skills required.

Here is a cool Xmas newsletter example that grabs the attention.

Xmas email design with christmas tree

14. Motivate goodwill

Santa is not the only generous character during Christmas. 

As the holiday season is about giving and goodwill, you can use this opportunity to get your customers on board with you and help those in need.

Besides being socially responsible, such a branding campaign helps you gain your customers’ trust. 

A sweet Merry Christmas email template that helps raise awareness about an issue that 1973 LTD cares about.

Christmas newsletter sample template

15. Create engaging email experiences

In this Christmas newsletter idea, we can see that TacoBell did the extra mile of creativity to send an engaging email to its customers.

It is lively, fun, and engaging.

Engaging email design for Christmas

25 Christmas Email Subject Lines For Higher Open Rates

During the Christmas holiday, companies are competing to win customers.

And most probably, you’re not the only one sending Christmas emails. For that, it’s the battle of the inbox.

When creating your Christmas email newsletter, there’s an essential factor you have to consider, which is your email subject line.

Your email subject line is the reason whether recipients will open your email or not.  It takes only six seconds for email recipients to decide whether to open up your email or not.

When it comes to the subject line for Christmas emails, write one that stands out in a crowded inbox to win recipients’ attention.

Craft Christmas email subject lines that:

  • Trigger recipients’ curiosity.
  • Provide real value.
  • Stand out in a crowded inbox.

To help inspire you, here we collected 19 best Christmas email subject lines:

1. It’s never too early for Christmas

2. Our little gift to you

3. Give iPad. And put some fun under the tree.

4. Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List 🎁

5. Free overnight shipping this Christmas 

6. Your Santa List: Ten Stocking Stuffers to please anyone 70

7. You’ve made our nice list! 🎉

8. Holiday shopping stressing you out? We can HELP!

9. Shop now and get your gift on time

10. The perfect offer does exist, take a peak

11. How’s the gift search going?

12. Feeling Christmassy? 🎄

13. Out of ideas? Get a gift card! 

14. Still thinking? We prepared you a gift guide

15. Find the Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List 

16. You deserve a gift too, here’s your Christmas coupon

17. You blink, you lose. Christmas offer ends this weekend

18. Treat your loved ones with a special gift

19. Forget Santa🎅 – treat yourself 

20. Michael Bublé or Mariah Carey?

21. Special offers for special customers, Get your gift list ready

22. It’s not too late, you can still make it for Christmas

23. Spice things up this Christmas with our offers bouquet 

24. Spread the holiday cheer🎄

25. Perfect gift for everyone you love

Don’t exceed 35 characters with Christmas email subject lines so your recipients can read it from the push notifications on their phones.

How to Create a Christmas Email Newsletter?

To create a Christmas email campaign, you’ll need to start by registering for an email marketing software. Then upload your email contacts.

Your contacts make the list of existing customers or subscribers.

You can import your contacts to Envoke as a CSV file, or you can connect your CRM tool. 

Envoke provides API integration and Zapier integration to sync your contacts.

Now let’s see how to send an engaging Merry Christmas email newsletter.

1. Design your Christmas email template

Envoke provides you with an easy-to-use drag and drop email builder and templates to help you design engaging emails and strengthen your customer relationship.

You don’t need any tech or coding skills to design a beautiful Christmas email template.

Here is a preview on Envoke’s email builder.

Envoke is a Canadian CASL compliant email marketing software that helps Canadian businesses and organizations manage their CASL compliance requirements and engage their audience:

  • Run CASL compliant email marketing campaigns.
  • Track and record your customers’ consent.
  • Automate your CASL compliance requirements.
  • Automate compliance’s repetitive tasks.
  • Send newsletters and automated nurturing campaigns.

2. AB test your Christmas email subject line

One of the best ways to increase your email open rate is to AB test your email subject lines.

Split testing allows you to test 2 variations of subject lines on a small group of contacts, and then send the best performing one to the rest of your contacts.

This way, you make sure you send a Christmas newsletter that gets attention in the email inbox.

AB testing holiday emails

To maximize your email open rates using Envoke, you can AB test your sender name and email preheader text.

3. Select your target audience

Your target audience is the list of contacts to whom you want to send your Christmas newsletter.

Depending on your contacts list management, you can send your Christmas email campaign to a specific segment of your contacts.

If you’re running your business in Canada or sending emails to contacts in Canada, you’re subject to CASL regulations.

Make sure to send your Christmas newsletter to contacts with valid consent.

For instance, using Envoke, you’ll be able to send your email only to contacts with a valid CASL consent status to help you avoid non-compliance issues.


Christmas is about giving love, sharing, and getting closer to our loved ones.

And it’s no secret that a business is nothing without its customers. Send Merry Christmas emails to your customers to increase their loyalty and make your end of the year profit.

Are you looking for a Christmas newsletter template? Register to Envoke for free and access email templates that are ready to send. No tech skills required.

Merry Christmas to you!

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