In the News: Don’t Panic Over CASL and Keep Emailing president Martin Millican is quoted in the August 2014 issue of Insurance Business Canada observing that the frenzy to meet the federal government’s new anti-spam law need not have happened.
Overlooked by many companies, Martin says, is the fact that CASL offers a grace period of three years to slowly move company contacts from their current status of ‘implied consent’ to that of ‘express consent’. In their panic to comply with the law by its July 1 implementation date, he says, many companies put themselves in the unfortunate position of losing a huge portion of their business by deciding not to send out any further commercial emails to contacts who had not provided their express consent by CASL’s implementation date.
The point that many companies seem to have missed, Martin says, is that if they’ve been acting responsibly in their electronic communications with customers, the likelihood is that implied consent – as defined by CASL – has been secured and the email communications can keep going at least long enough to convert everyone to express consent.
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