New Social Media Icons + Other Updates

Social Media Icons

You can now easily insert social media icons in your email messages by selecting an icon from the new “Social” drop-down in the message editor:

Three sets of icons – coloured, black and white – are available for each of the four supported social media platforms. Icon sizes are compatible with mobile devices.

Social media icons vs. share links

The icons described above link to your social media sites as configured on the Settings page of your account.
If you want your contacts to be able to share your message on their social media accounts use the Social share links under the “Status & Option” heading in the editor sidebar. Social share links are added to the top of the email as links.

Other Updates to Save a Few Clicks

link to the Import page was added directly under the People navigation tab. This way starting the import process is only one-click away from anywhere in the interface.
You’ll also notice that after Interest properties are updated you are taken back to the Interest list page. Another click saved.
A much requested change was the reversal of the default sort order of the contact list. Newest contacts are now on top of the first page. This also saves you a click since you don’t have go to the last page to view your most recent contacts.
Finally, duplicated messages no longer inherit the subject line of the original email. A new subject line has to be entered to prevent sending the duplicated message using the old subject line.

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