Upcoming features for CASL

The Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) comes into force on July 1, 2014 and many of our customers have contacted us about what to do.

July 1st 2014 is the start of a three year transition period. This means that on July 1st 2017 you’ll need to recorded that you have permission – or “Express Consent” – from all your email subscribers to send commercial electronic messages (CEMs). The law also requires some changes to the way you sign up and classify your subscribers between now and July 1st 2014.

We’ve been tracking, studying and consulting with our lawyers about CASL for several months with one goal in mind: to make your transition to CASL as painless and automated as possible. We’ve developed new and updated features to make your email marketing and broadcasting CASL compliant:

  • Audit feature for assigning “Implied Consent” to existing email subscribers
  • Re-consenting Banner to upgrade your existing subscribers to the new Express Consent status
  • Updated forms and Preferences page to capture Express Consent only once
  • Opt-in confirmation auto-responder for existing Envoke forms

These features will be released next month. Keep an eye out for another post in May with a schedule of webinars to show you the new features and allow you to ask questions.

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