We’re Hiring: Digital Marketing Analyst

Envoke’s Mission

We enable and encourage marketers to adopt an inbound, permission-based and data-driven approach to marketing. We accomplish this through a combination of product development, integration of third-party tools, and specialized digital marketing services.

Who are you?

You have the ability to think rigorously and remain open minded to offer useful insight. You have a sincere interest in good communication. You want to deliver real impact with the work you do. You have a drive to complete work on time and constantly improve and grow. You want to contribute as part of a tight and focused team. You want to make a difference.

Who are we?

We’re a growing company founded in 2007 focused on three core marketing services: 1) search-based lead generation for long-standing retainer client relationships; 2) custom online engagement including web forms, landing pages, offers management, lead qualification, tracking, and closed loop reporting; 3) self-service email marketing product with functionality specific to Canadian users.

Your Role

As a Digital Marketing Analyst you will help others gain knowledge and make better decisions by delivering accurate and useful reports and insight. You will help us constantly improve our product and deliver quality service. In this role, you will:

    1. Master lead generation reports delivery
      You will develop a solid understanding of our lead generation technology ecosystem, its data structures and how they’re collected and related. You’ll master the ability to use and configure our online marketing tools to create, modify, and schedule accurate reports. You’ll deliver on requests reliably and consistently.
    2. Develop engagement and marketing database reporting
      You will learn our product and how to segment, import and export data. When you can’t get the data you need from our UI, you’ll be able to write and execute MySQL or Mongo DB queries to get it. You will demonstrate competence working with raw data and making pivot tables and charts in Excel to generate useful reports. You will be successful in analyzing our clients’ databases and answering questions, making recommendations, and helping solve new challenges.
    3. Provide useful analysis
      You will analyze the data generated in your reports to deliver useful, written, or verbal insight and recommendations. You’ll quickly spot anomalies and dig to find answers or correct faulty data.
    4. Manage tracking code
      You will document and supply tracking codes for Envoke, Google, and Bing for client web pages. You’ll audit web pages as required to confirm correct tracking codes are in place. You will work with clients to provide instructions and answer questions about tracking code placement.
    5. Consistently document
      You will describe and document your reports and segments so others can easily find what they need. You’ll constantly update the status and time spent on each of your tasks to ensure constant accuracy our online work management systems.
    6. Design Dashboards
      You’ll interpret the reporting objectives of business users and use your knowledge to design well thought out dashboards. You will demonstrate your ability to successfully present and defend or improve your recommendations internally and to clients.


    • Google Analytics certification (or achieve within 90 days)
    • high general technical proficiency with computers and online systems
    • experience with MySQL and/or Mongo databases and ability to write and execute queries to pull relevant data
    • expert knowledge of a suite of online marketing software, including Adobe Site Catalyst, Conductor Searchlight and Google Analytics
    • understand how to use and configure Google Tag Manager to pace tracking codes on specific web pages
    • excellent knowledge of Excel and ability to use pivot tables
    • ability to find and confirm correct JavaScript tracking code on a web page
    • ability to analyze and quickly spot errors in data

    Working Environment

    We work in an open office where no one looks over your shoulder. You’re expected to work independently and meet your commitments. Most of us spend some time working from home.
    We provide a competitive salary and benefits commensurate to your skills and experience. We have a revenue sharing plan that comes into full effect after two years. Your growth is defined by the intersection of your interests and motivations with those of Envoke. You will have a weekly 30-minute “One-On-One (O3)” with either a partner or the person you report to discuss anything on your mind.
    We work in a comfortable physical environment with access to a rooftop garden in a beautiful building. We’re in a great part of downtown with easy access to transit. We have weekly company lunch, monthly company socials, an annual off-site meeting, decent coffee and the occasional pint after work.
    We look forward to meeting you.
    Click here to apply. If you have any questions, please contact joinus@envoke.com

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