We're Hiring: Product Services and Support

The Opportunity
The Product Services and Support role is an ideal entry point into the company. The feedback and insight from your experience with end users is central to the development of the Envoke product, related services and support systems. Growth from this position could be in the areas of customer experience, product management, online engagement consulting and design, quality assurance or inside sales. The most important factors in your development at Envoke will be your unique aptitudes, strengths, interests and motivations.
Who are you?
You enjoy helping people. You’re an excellent oral and written communicator. You have some experience in digital marketing and you’re excited about the potential. You aren’t a developer but you’re a power user of standard tools and working with HTML, CSS and basic Javascript. You have the right combination of technical understanding and people skills to interact effectively with both end users and senior developers. You’re comfortable communicating in person and over the phone. You enjoy writing, value simplicity and strive to be concise. You’re detail oriented and want to deliver user experiences that look great, convert effectively and require minimal support. You want to work as part of a team. You want to make a difference.
Your mission
Support individual users and organizations to achieve their online marketing, communications and lead generation objectives using Envoke.
Your role
Your success in this role will be based on your performance in the following areas:
1. Product services (40%)
You will work with customers and the consulting team to execute email and custom online engagement campaigns. Engagement campaigns can be complex systems.
2. Deliver outstanding end user support (30%)
You will resolve individual Envoke user challenges by training new users where necessary and monitoring the support ticket system, emails and support line. You’ll write detailed and easy-to-follow responses to address specific user challenges.
3. Quality assurance (20%)
Your job is to keep the number of bugs that slip through to the final version to an absolute minimum. You will document bugs for the development team and follow up as the “voice of the users” to make sure they are addressed.
4. Support documentation and videos (10%)
As you work through support issues and train new users you’ll learn the patterns where users require support. You will develop documentation and videos to increase the effectiveness of the self-service support.
Working environment
We work in an open office where no one looks over your shoulder. You’re expected to work independently and meet your commitments. Most of us spend time working from home.
We provide a competitive salary and benefits commensurate to your skills and experience. We have a revenue sharing plan that comes into full effect after two years. Your growth is defined by the intersection of your interests and motivations with those of Envoke. You will have a weekly 30-minute “One-On-One (O3)” with either a partner or the person you report to discuss anything on your mind.
For more information and to apply, click here.

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