Case Study

Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre Improves its Staff and Community Connections with Envoke

“Whenever we encounter a glitch or simply have questions, Envoke support has a solution or answer for us within the hour.”

Spencer Boddy
Office Administrator

“The way Envoke organizes contacts is very good. We appreciate its intuitiveness and ongoing optimizations, and we never feel like we are fighting the program.“

Shelley Dorian
Quality Improvement Lead


Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre maintains deep roots in the communities it serves. Focusing on allied health services, Tall Tree Health provides the support and skills its patients require to maintain high levels of physical and mental well-being. This means providing a wide range of services from physiotherapy and kinesiology to occupational therapy, acupuncture, and naturopathic treatment. Tall Tree also works with its patients to assist with weight loss and nutrition coaching. No matter what physical service it provides, Tall Tree strives to maintain a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to promoting mental health.

To serve its communities, Tall Tree Health offers services through its two Victoria — James Bay and Cordova Bay — and Vancouver clinics. Irrespective of location, all Tall Tree Health patients enjoy an unparalleled standard of care to help them achieve their treatment goals. 

A dynamic team of over 130 practitioners and support staff serve Tall Tree’s private patients and partner with government and organizational referrers and third-party insurance vendors. As a result, Tall Tree Health’s combined referral streams contribute to a dynamic, high-volume practice that serves thousands.

Community engagement, CASL compliance, and Canadian data residency

Tall Tree Health is a private enterprise, but as a provider of healthcare services to the highly regulated public sector, it required a secure email communications tool rather than an off-the-shelf marketing solution. 

“Because we deal with patient information in our day-to-day practice, keeping that information secure and confidential is our number one priority,” explains Shelley Dorian, Occupational Therapist and Quality Improvement Lead at Tall Tree Health. “We maintain close relationships with organizations like the Ministry of Children and Families, WorkSafe for ICBC, and Veterans Affairs. There are also several insurance vendors and public services that refer their people to us, and to maintain their information we needed a solution that met federal privacy expectations — keeping our patient data in Canada was a key requirement.” 

Tall Tree Health had a second issue — its previous communications solution had become cluttered and difficult to maintain, resulting in poor messaging continuity between the main Tall Tree organization and its sub-accounts.  

“We needed a fresh start — to reorganize our templates and keep things separate so the right message always went to the correct contact,” says Spencer Boddy, Office Administrator for Tall Tree Health, James Bay.

No sacrifice — intuitive, effective, and compliant communications software

Seeking an immediate solution that satisfied Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and met Canadian Data Residency requirements, the Tall Tree Health admin team surveyed its options.

“It was a whittling process. We began with a Google search and I went through my inbox to see what other reputable companies and public sector organizations were using,” says Dornian. “That led us to a list of potential solutions we quickly narrowed down to one — Envoke.”

With data residency and CASL compliance as key concerns, Tall Tree Health was willing to give up the features and ease of use of its non-compliant legacy solution. After configuring and assessing Envoke, however, the team, quickly realized that making sacrifices was unnecessary due to Envoke’s rich features.  

“The process of importing our 20,000 contacts and managing all our different subscriber groups was really easy — we just followed the instructions Envoke gave us,” says Boddy. “Although our primary objective was Canadian storage, we lucked out. Envoke was exactly what we needed. The layout and organization serve our purposes better than our previous solution.”  

Envoke support assisted the implementation and continues supporting the Tall Tree Health admin team using the solution.

“Whenever we encounter a glitch or simply have questions, Envoke support has a solution or answer for us within the hour,” says Boddy. “With our last solution, it could take them up to 10 business days to even answer.”

Hitting the target with subscription management and mandatory messaging

With its Canadian Data Residency and CASL compliance assured, Tall Tree Health turned to streamlining and refreshing their public email communications. Using a single user account rather than a sub-account for each three of its locations, the Tall Tree Health admin teams now rely on Envoke tags, custom segments, and subscription management features to ensure their messaging reaches the right people. Where vital practice information is concerned, Envoke’s unique Mandatory Messaging feature ensures that even patients who have unsubscribed from generalized content continue to receive necessary information.

“The way Envoke organizes contacts is very good. Using tags really helps us organize the different types of newsletters we send out, especially between our different clinics and geographical regions,” says Dornian. “We appreciate its intuitiveness and ongoing optimizations, and we never feel like we are fighting the program. 

“The Envoke dashboard is just more simple and easy to understand,” adds Boddy.       

Promoting engagement with media-rich, responsive emails and custom templates

The Envoke solution has improved Tall Tree Health’s engagement within the community by encouraging the team’s commitment to email communications and facilitating more consistent messaging efforts. The email editor allows the admin team to rapidly design and publish a media-rich newsletter that Tall Tree clients can view on any device.         

“Envoke makes it easy to provide patients with information about new services and help new staff build out their schedules,” says Boddy. “Our newsletters are the ideal way to highlight all the awesome things we do — we can link to the registration pages for new courses and help people understand and participate in what our staff are achieving.”    

“Envoke keeps our relationships warm,” adds Dornian. “Even after a patient’s treatments have ended, using Envoke we can maintain a connection that brings them back to us next time they need treatment.”

From an internal perspective, Tall Tree Health uses Envoke to maintain a sense of unity between staff members at its three distinct locations. 

“Prior to using Envoke we really didn’t have an internal communication channel, and it was difficult to stay in touch,” says Boddy. “Now we all know when there is a lunch and learn event and who our new hires are. We also keep people up to date on internal milestones like new certifications and programs. We stay connected using humorous emails to share news, resources, videos, and pictures. Our people clearly enjoy the engagement Envoke fosters.”   

Powerful reporting and data analytics

Tall Tree also uses Envoke to gauge the efficacy of its client messaging, and course sign-up rates and public inquiries confirm the data they receive.

“The analytics in Envoke show us how many opens each message has received and what addresses are bouncing back. We can see how many are reading our messages and what links they follow — it gives us an idea of how full a course will be,” says Boddy. “After a newsletter goes out people often contact us directly and ask to sign up for a course that we highlighted.”

Looking forward

As Tall Tree Heath expands its patient list, geographical footprint, and treatment and education programs, the admin team continues to explore Envoke features and seek new ways to improve their messaging. The team is currently looking at using Envoke to automate repetitive manual and administrative tasks like providing basic course information before a weekly online webinar.    

“Tall Tree offers an online wellness course on SquareSpace called Weathering the Storm and I need to send out course materials and reminders to a small group of attendees every Sunday, my day off,” explains Boddy. “I am working with Envoke to find a way to automate those communications using tags and segments.”

Likewise, Tall Tree Health is open to the possibility of integrating Envoke with their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for more effective treatment follow-up sequences.

“We are really satisfied and looking forward to a long-term relationship with Envoke,” concludes Dornian. “We aren’t going anywhere and the ways we use Envoke will continue to grow in the future.” 

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