Your CASL questions

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Your CASL questions

  • Are you compliant?
  • Are you collecting express consent?
  • Are you managing rolling implied expiry dates?
casl email software

CASL is complicated, but there is a straightforward solution.


Is your list CASL compliant?

Are you setup to maximize your email marketing abilities under CASL?

Envoke provides a unique set of CASL compliance software features — from documenting consent and upgrading your contact’s status to handling rolling expiry date management and improving your relationship with your list.


Track and document consent
Automatically track IP address, timestamp, source, URL, and all changes to consent status for documentation required for each contact.

Tools for upgrading to express

Automated consent request banner

Fully customizable, the consent banner appears on top of email messages only for those who haven’t provided express consent. It’s a maintenance-free way to gather consent every time you send an email campaign.

Segment and send by status

See your database by consent status. Send campaigns to request a confirmation from those with implied status.

Import existing lists

Import your existing contact lists and assign them the consent status you already have recorded. We’ll maintain the details and log any changes.

Send mandatory emails

This is to accommodate situations where a recipient is contractually obligated to receive official notifications and other messages. Examples of this are association members, staff, students of a university and members of a professional body.

CASL consent status of database

Be collaborative with your contacts

Consent and subscriptions need to work together

What does your consent cover? Be careful not to limit your options or cross the line into unwanted email.

Envoke’s consent and subscriptions module gives you broad consent while giving your contacts more control.

Maximize sending while remaining fully compliant

Always send when asked

Some messages are triggered by a contact’s action and deliver critical information such as delivery of a PDF or an event confirmation email. These are exempt from CASL so we treat them that way.

These messages are part of all Envoke offer types: contact request, subscription, download, events and webinars. As you create your offers they’re automatically setup to ensure delivery of critical content regardless of consent.

What about non-Canadians?

Your non-Canadian contacts can still provide their express consent, but if they don’t you can keep sending them emails under the non-expiring implied consent status. As long as they’re subscribed, of course.

Any other email features?

In addition to these CASL software features, Envoke has everything else you would expect in a serious email marketing tool such as drag-and-drop editing, automated subscription management, mobile-friendly layouts and unlimited contact-centric lists.

Learn more about our email marketing software.

Additional Canadian Anti-Spam Law Email Resources

CASL Support Documents

Our CASL support documents are geared towards Envoke clients but you don’t have to have an account to find a wealth of hands on information about CASL and general subscriptions management best practices.

Webinar: How to Maximize Your Email List

This 45 minute CASL webinar recording will walk you through a seven point plan to maximize your e-mailable contact list.

Questions about our CASL email tools?

Our CASL software solutions are the result of feedback from a wide variety of clients, many consultations with privacy law lawyers and more than a few sleepless nights. We address real world scenarios, not theoretical edge cases.

If you’re looking for additional details or are faced with a few nuances, get in touch with us.

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