Character Set Extended

BetterMail now supports characters from all languages and is no longer limited to Latin characters only.

BetterMail used to use the Latin1 character encoding as the default display and storage character set. Last week we made the switch to Unicode by changing the default character encoding to UTF-8. All data from Contacts, Custom fields, Interests, Autoresponders and Messages was converted from Latin1 to UTF-8.

For most customers there will be no difference, since all Standard English characters are a subset of the Unicode standard. Clients that use foreign language characters, like the French “é” should note that it is now a Unicode character and no longer an extended ASCII character. Although they are stored differently in the database it will not affect how it is displayed. When viewed in Unicode it will still be an “é”.

This switch enables us to support additional languages that aren’t supported in the Latin1 character set. Now BetterMail will be able to send messages and store contacts that use Cyrillic characters, for example.

The change to Unicode also affects the way messages are sent. Emails are now sent with a UTF-8 header so that any foreign language characters will render correctly in Unicode compatible email clients.

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