May 1st release: New content editor and updated user interface

We’re excited to tell you about upcoming email software improvements!

On May 1st Envoke Email will release a significant upgrade to our email marketing software to eliminate redundancy, simplify message creation and improve navigation.


New message editor

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Our new message editor will greatly simplify the process of creating messages through preset layouts, a new colour and font theme manager and by integrating campaigns and messages.

The old editor will still be available as you transition to the new one. The ability to paste message content from external sources will remain unchanged.


Message creation starts with a built-in layout:


Each layout also includes header and footer elements. “View online” and “send to friend” links, Facebook and Twitter share options are all included automatically.


Pre-set colour and font themes can be applied to your layout or you can create your own. You control the text and link colour, font type, and background colour for each element in your layout. Select colours from a palette or enter a hex code to match your website colours.
Once you’ve customized your message you can save colour and font settings with your own theme name for use with future messages.


Campaigns & messages are integrated into a single message editor interface to save time (and clicks) when you’re editing messages, sending test emails and launching campaigns.
Separate campaigns and message lists will also be combined under a single tab.

Help documentation will be available for all new and updated features or – as always – feel free to call or email us if you have any questions or comments.

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