We understand that delivering emails to inboxes is mission critical. Our infrastructure is setup to maximize inbox delivery for you.


Compliance with regional privacy laws – Envoke is CASL, GDPR and Can-Spam compliant – ensures that consent is managed in accordance with relevant legislation to avoid complaints. This is not only important for compliance reasons but also to reduce spam complaints that negatively affect sender IP reputation. 


DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) provides domain authentication so your emails are not mistaken by spam filters as illegitimate / phishing attempts.

No spam policy

Envoke doesn’t allow sending unsolicited emails, period.

New account monitoring

List uploads by new accounts are subject to a manual approval process until we are satisfied that uploaded lists are clean and don’t pose a threat to our sender IP reputation by generating spam complaints.


We manage our own sending infrastructure and SMTP servers and therefore not dependent on changes made by third party providers.

Subscription management

Unsubscribe links are automatically included in outgoing emails

Unsubscribe requests are instantly honoured

Unsubscribed contacts cannot be resubscribed in bulk. This ensures that unsubscribed contacts aren’t accidentally re-imported as subscribed.

Feedback loops

We maintain feedback loops for major ESPs and automatically remove addresses associated with spam complaints.

Bounce management

We detect and automatically unsubscribe undeliverable email addresses. In technical terms this means that hard bounces are flagged as “invalid” and they are excluded from future emails. Soft bounces are filtered after numerous subsequent failures.

Email campaign monitoring

Complaint and bounce rates are actively monitored. Accounts are promptly isolated to ensure the overall sender reputation of IP addresses in rotation remains high.

Text only version of emails

As a best practice, text-only version is automatically included along with the HTML version of each email.

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