Developers: Announcing our API, version 1.0

The API (Application Programming Interface) is designed to allow external web applications to communicate with our system, enabling the application to accomplish various tasks remotely.

The API currently consists of a php include library that can be expanded to other platforms on request (such as XML, ASP.NET, etc.)

The library is a simple serialized wrapper for requests that are sent over http to receive serialized answers in return.

Our server performs authorizations and executes requests, then answers with api_answer.
The api_answer contains result_code with the numeric code of result, result_text with text describing the result code, and result_data with data specific to an api function. Specific examples are available upon request.

Site requirements:
php version 4.3.5 (4.3.10 is recommended).

Current Limitations:
Cannot send “&” (ampersand symbol) due to serialize function bug.

Features provided in this release:
1. list of contacts
2. read contact information
3. update/create contact
4. read list of messages
5. read list of filters
6. schedule message for delivery
7. create/launch campaign

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