Developers can create their own clients

For developers: Now you can create new accounts to set up new clients without any additional assistance required. Additionally, you may create as many no cost yet fully functioning DEMO accounts as you wish to create and power forms on client web sites and send timed auto-response messages.

New accounts are automatically created as DEMO and have no cost until they are upgraded to a paid account. DEMO accounts can remain in DEMO mode until you wish to send a campaign from that account. Each demo account is fully functional and can power an unlimited number of forms and autoresponders.

Click MY ACCOUNT > MY CLIENTS. Click the button labeled, “Add New Company”.

After you have created the company you may also create a user to be associated with this company. Click MY ACCOUNT > MY USERS to create a user. Select the company that the new username will be associated with. This is the company account that the user will log in to. Users can only see their own company account. Only the developer user account can see all accounts under that developer.

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