Discountinued features and upcoming releases

As we transition all content editing to be template based, in the coming weeks we will remove a handful of features related to the current WYSIWYG editor.
The following features will be removed:

  • RSS feature and RSS archives
    Low demand.
  • List archive feature.
    Archiving can be done via groups.
  • Import message from URL
    Low demand.
  • Dynamic message content
    Low demand.
  • Spam checker
    A single spam checker cannot accurately predict how dozens of other spam filters will handle emails.
  • Legacy “template” and “create copy” options
    This option will be kept for accounts that currently use these settings.

These changes are designed to facilitate the introduction of our template editor that we have started to roll out last year and plan to make available for all accounts by this fall.
We are also working on 10+ new template designs and a brand new image editor that will allow you to re-size and crop images “on the fly”.

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