We are glad to announce that we have implemented DomainKeys on the Bettermail servers.

What are DomainKeys?

The DomainKeys system is a way of e-mail authentication designed to verify the domain of an email sender (from email) and the integrity of emails and it is a requirement from Yahoo to be on their email whitelist. DomainKeys allow the originating domain of an e-mail to be positively identified which increases email deliverability for Yahoo email addresses.

How do DomainKeys Effect Email Deliverability?

Emails sent using DomainKeys will be authenticated by Yahoo! – this will result in reduced number of bouncebacks from emails ending with and

How to Send DomainKeys Signed Emails from Bettermail?

In order to enable DomainKeys based sending from your Bettermail account you need to add a new entry to the DNS record of your domain.

Please contact us for more information.

Is This Change Mandatory?

This is not a mandatory change (your account will work without DomainKeys), however, we strongly recommend the switch to sending domainkeys signed emails to reduce the number of failures for your email campaigns.

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