Dynamic content in messsages

Dynamic content in messages is displayed when a pre-defined condition matches the recipient’s contact record.
You can use dynamic content to display custom content depending if the contact is part of a mailing list/interest or subscribed to an autoresponder or not.
We’ve extended the “dynamic content” function to work with the following conditions:

  • IF Interest EQUAL then include
  • IF Interest NOT EQUAL then include
  • IF Autoresponder EQUAL then include
  • IF AutoresponderNOT EQUAL then include
  • IF Source EQUAL then include
  • IF SourceNOT EQUAL then include

To set up dynamic content click on the Dynamic content folder (see screenshot) on the message editor page, select the condition and add the content in the dynamic content editor.

Dynamic content
Add/edit dynamic content

Each dynamic content block creates an “insert-tag” that needs to be pasted into the body of the message where you want the dynamic content to appear (if its condition matches the contact record).
Need help with dynamic content? Call our support line at 1-877-840-2383  or  416-840-2300

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