Dynamic Senders: Have all of your emails automatically be delivered 'from' specific individuals in your company

Available in Pro Accounts Only
Have you ever wanted to deliver your emails from your sales reps? Now you can. When you send a campaign you can have each email individually sent from the specific person you choose. Contacts will receive the emails as if they were sent from their account representative so that when they reply it will go directly to the appropriate rep.
How it works:
You will need to set up a user for each sales rep, account rep, or other contact that you wish to be associated with the contacts in your database. The users will be each person that you will want to send mail ‘from’. Each contact in your database then needs to be associated with a user in the system.

You can do this manually, contact by contact – or on import, so you can configure your entire database at once.

Look out for more development in this area. If you want more information – or if you want to request specific features to do with this development (or any other area) – please contact customer support.

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