Top Level Email Campaign Metrics

All metrics are drill down to the list of individual contacts. Just click the numbers to view contacts in any reporting segment.

The data range for email email reports can be adjusted to view sends, opens, clicks, failures, consent changes and links clicked in specific date ranges only.

Email campaign report

Detailed Metrics for Email Campaigns

More granular metrics are available for a deep dive into your campaign performance.

You can check reports grouped by per domain to help analyze or troubleshoot domain specific delivery. For full transparency, you also have access to detailed failure reports – technical details provided by mail servers – so you know exactly why bouncebacks occur.

Advanced email campaign reports

Email activity over time

Aggregated sends, opens and clicks across all email campaigns show your email campaign performance changes over time.

Email activity over time

Subscriber Growth

View subscriber acquisition and churn trends to keep track on how your emailable contact list size changes.

Subscriber growth by month

Subscriber churn details

Knowing the reasons why you’re losing subscribers will help formulate a strategy to retain as many contacts as possible.

Subscriber churn report

Email sending history for each contact

You can follow activity for each contact on a timeline. The timeline show email activity, form submissions, imports, manual updates and API interactions.

Activity timeline
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