Export Improvements

The contact export function has undergone major improvements.  Here’s what we’ve done:

  • Exporting is processed in the background
    What this means is that you can work in your account (or sign out if you wish) while the export is being processed. No more timed-out pages during exporting!
  • Multiple exports supported
    You can queue several different lists for exporting with different column setups for each list – they are all processed in the background simultaneously.
  • Easier selection of lists to export
    Instead of having to set up a filter for each export job, now you can export the current contact view “as is”. What you see on the contact list page is exactly the same as what gets exported. Whether you’re looking at a list of contacts who clicked in your latest email campaign, contacts on a certain mailing list, unsubscribed records or your entire database, just enter a file name and click the Export button on the bottom of the contact list page.
  • Column setup
    The new column setup page allows you to select which fields (column headers) show up on the contact list page. We added the ability to include interest groups, individual interests, auto responders and tracking fields in additional to basic contact fields and custom fields. These column setup settings become your “contact view” or “current view”. You can save multiple views and switch between them easily; your last used view will automatically load when you log in.
  • Export status and history
    You can view the status of your export jobs (queued, processing or completed) and keep track of old exports on the Exports page. You receive an email notice when your export is completed.

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