• Easy to use email editor: Create beautiful, responsive emails with the built-in drag and drop editor.
  • Dynamic content lets you deliver relevant content to your contacts based on their interest.
  • Precise targeting based on subscription, interests or a combination of contact fields, tags and past campaign activity.
  • Send test emails to yourself or a group of test recipients before launching your e-blast.
  • Optimize for mobile: show or hide content on mobile or desktop view.
  • Scheduled sending deploys email campaigns while you’re away.
  • Merge fields into your emails from contact records for added personalization.
  • Preview your email on desktop or mobile screens.
  • Preheader text to increase open rates of your messages.
  • HTML editor is available for technical users.
  • Hosted archives page displays back issues of emails; you can link to this page from your website.
  • Link tagging with UTM tags connects email traffic to Google Analytics.


  • All data is stored in Canada – including backups.
  • Full compliance with a multitude of federal and provincial privacy and anti-spam laws.
  • Advanced CASL compliance with rolling expiry date management, consent expiry reminders, consent change history and much more.
  • GDPR compliance ensures your contacts in the EU are treated in accordance with local privacy laws.
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest keeps your data secure at all times.
  • Mandatory emails let you send communications that are exempts from consent requirements.


  • Basic email campaign metrics: Opens, clicks, failures, consent changes and links clicked in specific date ranges.
  • All metrics are drill down to the list of individual contacts.
  • Advanced analytics include soft/hard bounces and various types of preference changes.
  • Report by domain help troubleshoot domain specific issues.
  • Unfiltered failure report for full transparency and technical analysis of bounces.
  • List growth: New subscriber acquisition and list churn trends.
  • Email campaign performance trends over time.
  • Detailed churn report: knowing why you’re losing subscribers helps you put a plan in place to reverse the trend.
  • Track email traffic in Google Analytics with link tagging in emails campaigns using UTM tags.
  • Usage by sub-account allows account administrators to review usage by department.


  • Subscriptions keep track of contacts’ communication preferences. Contacts can opt in and out of subscriptions any time.
  • Tags can be assigned to contacts for internal segmentation. Tags cannot be updated by contacts. 
  • Custom fields allow you to store data that is specific to your account.
  • Import existing contact lists. We keep an eye on import activity to prevent abuse and spam. Option to use a foreign key.
  • Advanced segmentation lets you filter your list using a combination of subscriptions, tags, fields and email campaign activity to create targeted lists.
  • Export any list, any time into a CSV file. Exporting can be restricted by user roles.


  • Intuitive, drag and drop form builder: create simple sign up forms or complex multi-step forms in minutes without having to touch any code.
  • Fields to fit your needs: Dynamic fields, custom data, hidden or mandatory.
  • Consent is collected during form submissions. The location of contacts is auto-detected to ensure they are handled according to local privacy legislation (CASL, CAN-SPAM or GDPR)
  • Confirmation emails or a series of welcome messages can be sent to anyone who fills out a form. Welcome each new subscriber!
  • Form styling is editable from the visual editor. Custom CSS editor is available for technical users.
  • Alerts can be setup so you don’t miss important form activity.
  • Multi-step forms break down long forms to collect data in stages.
  • Auto-detect location based on IP address.
  • Pre-filled known fields make it easier for known contacts to fill out additional forms.
  • Flexible layout options for responsive, single or multi-column display.
  • Field display options are managed from the unified from editor. Display fields as checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-downs or note fields. Mobile optimized.


  • Unlimited user logins for your team at no extra cost.
  • User role-based permissions ensure that every user in your team has access to the right features for their role. 
  • Unlimited sub accounts under a primary “umbrella” account to share credits and take advantage of bulk purchase discounts.
  • Custom domains can be connected to be used with Envoke at no extra cost (we setup SSL for you) for consistent branding for your organization. For example


  • Authenticated domains ensure high inbox delivery rates.
  • Feedback loops for major ESPs automatically remove addresses associated with spam complaints.
  • Bounce management systems detect and automatically unsubscribe undeliverable email addresses.
  • Complaint monitoring keeps an eye on outgoing campaigns to detect anomalies.
  • Reputation management ensures our sending IP addresses are always in good standing and stay out of blacklists.
  • Fully managed sending infrastructure and SMTP servers
  • Easy unsubscribe: an unsubscribe link is automatically included in all outgoing emails.


  • RESTful APIs: insert contacts from third party forms, send transactional emails, and move contacts to and from your CRM and Envoke.
  • Zapier integrations accommodate one way or bidirectional syncing with dozens of apps.


  • Free onboarding is included with every new account.
  • Migration of existing data from other providers include email templates, forms and lists.
  • One on one training session to teach you day-to-day workflows to ensure you can easily get started using your new account.
  • Ongoing support is available at no extra cost. Support interactions are consistently rated 95%+ awesome by our users.


Have a look at our product development roadmap for upcoming releases.

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