GoldMine Auto-synchronization Support

Ability to send auto notification messages to Front Range Solutions’s GoldMine CRM software. Notification settings are configurable by source, meaning you can create different GoldMine rules for every input form you create.

How to use GoldMine import/notification:
Click CONTACTS > SOURCES to list your configured sources. Click on a source name to edit the settings (create a new source if necessary).

Click the checkbox labeled, “notify me when someone subscribes” to receive an e-mail when any form associated with this source is submitted. The default e-mail address is the “notification” e-mail in MY ACCOUNT > OPTIONS. Below this you can enter an e-mail address for this source that will override the default e-mail notification address. Enter the e-mail address your GoldMine software is configured to automatically check.

Click the checkbox labeled “Goldmine format” to send the e-mail in the format that GoldMine will be expecting.

The box labeled “GoldMine instructions” is to put special GoldMine script to give instructions on what to do with the new information you are sending to GoldMine. The following code is an example of GoldMine instructions:

OnNewAttachTrack=New Contact Track
OnDupAttachTrack=New Contact Track

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