Home Page and Import Process Upgrade

When you sign in to your BetterMail account you may notice that the home page of the user interface has changed. The displayed information is compacted into three sections on the left and includes easy-to-read, real-time information about your account’s status (account info, email activity and billing)

Within this same release the import process has also changed to remove unnecessary clicks and to make it more straightforward for you to import your contact list into the BetterMail database. We added two sample import files and turned the key field selection checkboxes into an advanced feature so regular users no longer need to use them – the “email” field is automatically used as a key field unless otherwise specified.

Another change during the import process is a mandatory desciption of the aquisition point of each contact list. As we establish a stronger relationship with major ISPs it became neccessary to keep track of the origin of each mailing list to ensure that the deliverability rate of email campaigns remain high.

As always, we look forward to hear your feedback – good or bad – so don’t be shy to contact us with your ideas!

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