Improved import screen and anniversary-based campaigns

A newer, more intuitive version of the import screen and related pages have been released to address issues around our second most “popular” support calls. *
The updated import process fewer steps to import your contacts, the interface is less cluttered and we’ve added descriptions using help icons (help icon). Mouse over these icons to learn more about the corresponding settings.
There are also four sample import files for you to download and we’ve also added an overview of rules for the upload/import process.
Another new feature for December is the ability to start an autoresponder/engagement campaign on contacts’ anniversary dates (anniversary dates are based on the birth day field) in addition to sending a single birthday message.

* The most support requests are related to message content editing. This is why were are in the process of a major overhaul of the message editor and the introduction of email templates. The scheduled release date of these amazing new feature is February 2011.

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