Introducing Action Links

BetterMail has introduced a brand new feature that automatically updates contact records when a selected link is clicked in a message. You determine what fields or interests you want to be able to update, and select the link that updates the record when it’s clicked. For example, you can set a link in an email confirming receipt of a newsletter subscription to “subscribed” in the contact record as soon as the recipient clicks on it. Until now the only way to change a contact record was via a form, the API, importing data or manual update.

Any link within a message (direct or autoresponder) can be tagged as “action links.” They can be configured within the User Interface, with one or multiple actions possible at a time and per click. The action takes place in the background and is invisible to contacts – they are instantly taken to the page where the link points just as before.

Here are some examples of how Action Links can be used in BetterMail:

• A contact fills out a form to sign up for a newsletter and you want to confirm the email address they’re using. You can send an autoresponder message with an ‘action link’ to confirm the signup, and when the action link is clicked the contact’s subscription status is updated to ‘subscribed confirmed’.
• You send an email message that features several links to different sections of your website. Each link can be tagged with interests that match the part of the website that they point to, and the recipient’s contact record updated with their areas of interest.
• You can trigger an autoresponder / send a message when someone clicks on a link.
• You can stop an ongoing autoresponder campaign if a contact clicks on a link (sign up links for example).

Here’s how to use action links:

• Create a new ‘action’ on the Actions / Action Links page. Actions must have a target URL (where the link goes) and one or more actions that are executed when the link is clicked.
• Assign the action to a link in a message by clicking on the ‘add link’ icon on the message editor page and selecting ‘action links’ in the drop down menu.
• Send the message to your BetterMail contacts as you would send any other message.

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