Envoke works well for organizations with multiple departments, multiple users strong security and compliance requirements.

A variety of options are included with every account to help your organization consolidate branding, reporting and manage a team of users:

  • Sub-accounts allow sharing of credits while keeping lists and all other data separate. Sub-accounts are typically departments of the same organization. This means you are using a single software vs. multiple vendors, which makes it easier to manage communications and reports.
  • User roles and permissions allow centralized management of all users, even across subaccounts. User roles ensure that certain functions are hidden from users who shouldn’t have access. (contact list, export, launch emails, update account setting, etc)
  • Template manager with locked zones gives you centralized management of templates to ensure consistent branding across the entire organization. You can share templates with multiple departments and even enforce message creation from approved templates only.
  • Custom domains with SSL (i.e.: https://communications.yourdomain.com) are used instead of an Envoke internal domain. This is great for branding as all links are instantly recognizable as part of your organization.
  • DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) setup for your domain.
  • No extra fee to remove the Envoke logo from emails.
  • Customized, free, onboarding program is included to make sure all users are comfortable using Envoke
  • Strong compliance and security features.

These features are well suited for organizations with multiple departments or many users such as universities, colleges, crown corporations and associations. See a sampling of our customers that rely on Envoke for enterprise functionality.



Open a 30 day trial account and see how Envoke can help you send compliant emails easily. Trial accounts come with full support.