Lead management engagement example

Information gathered via an inquiry form on the Goway.com website is collected and shown in the lead manager interface where lead manager users assign them to sales people. Leads are also inserted to the client’s CRM system. After contacting leads the sales team rates each lead. Rating by sales, along with other metrics, is used to improve marketing campaigns to generate more sales ready leads.

Inquiry Form

The inquiry form is embedded on website as a hosted form, which means that it can be updated directly from the Envoke user interface – including tracking codes, required fields and validation rules.

Inquiry Form
Thank You Page

Thank you page

The thank you page includes dynamic content based on location of lead. If lead is outside Goway’s service area, for example, a different thank you page is shown.

Leads list

Leads are inserted to the Envoke database. Sales-ready leads are shown in the lead manager while “cold” leads are sent nurture campaigns. Leads can be sorted and filtered based on lead status, category, business unit and lead date.

Leads List
Lead Details

Lead details

Detailed lead activity is shown on a timeline. Activity can be filtered to display only form submissions, visits, conversions, manual edits, etc. After reviewing the timeline the lead is assigned to sales or deferred.

Lead alert

A lead alert is sent to sales. Alerts can be automated based on lead location, business unit or other custom segmentation setting.

Lead Alert


Lead is inserted to a CRM database (optional).

Sales rating

Salespeople can view leads assigned to them and rate them. This rating by sales is used as one of many factors to fine-tune marketing campaigns to generate more, higher quality sales-ready leads.

Sales Rating

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