No unripe leads clogging your sales pipeline

Automatic leads categorization

Envoke lead management software sends qualified leads to sales by automatically categorizing every interaction. Small of staff but large of need? We’ll build you a hands-off, automated lead management empire. Multiple sales teams? Ask us to customize automated and semi-automated rules to suit each team’s needs.

Any way you play it, every lead is accurately pre-filtered and sorted before a human sees it.

Always Categorize
Point of Origin


Get new contacts in the system via web forms, imports (such as biz cards gathered at a tradeshow), manual entry through our user interface, or via backend/third party systems that send new contacts into our system using our muscular APIs. However you slice ‘em, your contacts are de-duplicated, updated and categorized in the same ways: Sales-ready leads go to sales, the rest get nurtured to love you later.

User Interface

Your Lead Manager Dashboard

Envoke’s lead manager UI shows your realtime lead feed, fully filterable by status — processed, unprocessed, sales rated, date, category, business unit, contact info and more.

Any lead not auto-routed is sent here. Sales team leaders use this tool to see all leads as they arrive, then manually route them to salespeople. Customize columns to show only key data. Export any leads list from your UI, manage multiple business units, have as many lead manager users as you like, and configure them as you like.


Understand the journey of each lead

Rich lead alerts & lead timelines

Customizable email alerts sent to sales include each lead’s event-based timeline. You distill all relevant info through each “sales story”. Alert timelines display contact info, events and times of all previous form submissions, original and converting sources, media, campaign, search engine, past website visits, previous sales alerts, lead managers’ notes, previous sales ratings and data imported. All events are time-stamped. All this helps salespeople understand the backstory to each opportunity. And that, friends, is what helps close sales.

Timeline Interface
Sales Ratings

Attribute sales to marketing activities

Detailed sales feedback

With hundreds or thousands of leads across multiple teams and campaigns, it’s hard to know what’s driving quality leads. Envoke measures lead quality by accepting ratings on each one right from the lead alert, or inside each salesperson’s lead view.

No rating? No problem. We track who took what leads, monitor whether they’ve been rated and remind salespeople to rate ‘em all!

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