Marketing Automation Case Study

Wild Apricot’s customers made clear they needed easy and affordable association management expertise. Now they had a challenge. How to automate webinar signup and stats, with marketing automation, closed-loop tracking and the CRM?
The Results? Hundreds of new leads from every webinar.

Landing page

The landing page is hosted on a custom subdomain to improve brand recognition. Known fields on the form are pre-filled to boost returning contact user experience. In addition to registering for the webinar a demo request option is also on the form.

Landing Page
Responsive View

Responsive view

All landing pages are fully responsive.

Second step form

The thank you page shows another offer and the landing page can be shared on social media or via email.

Second Step Form
Thank You Page

Thank you page

The final thank you page offers signup for a free trial account, which is the goal of all marketing landing pages.

Nurture campaign

This is the first email in a 12 step nurture campaign. The nurture campaign is only triggered if the contact is new to the DB and it’s automatically stopped when the contact registers for a free trial account.

Nurture Campaign
Demo Invite Email

Demo invite email

If the “interested in a demo” option was selected, the demo invite email is sent.


Demo participants are treated as leads. Detailed lead activity is shown on a timeline. Leads are sent to the CRM.


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