Lead Source Tracking

Uncover the facts of each lead story


Every marketing channel you use wants to take credit for a sale. Yet most just track within their own world, denying you the true picture.

Envoke’s lead source tracking (LST) tracks the source, medium and campaign of every visit and interaction from unknown visitor to identified contact – so you get the full history of events leading up to conversion.

Even offline touchpoints (events, etc) and email marketing activity is included.

Attribute all your marketing activities to final outcomes


Without a single database to connect your online marketing costs, clicks, conversion events and contacts across all channels you’re left pulling data from multiple sources and never knowing the true picture. Never mind the wasted time and frustration trying to make everything match up!

Envoke connects all your online marketing activities, costs, and results in a single database optimized for reporting and analysis.

Point of Origin
Digital Marketing Reports

A single source of reporting truth


Your executive summary dashboard reveals your true cost per outcome – by marketing medium and campaign for any date range.

Drill down to a list of leads associated with any activity. Then drill down again to individual contact profiles and their timelines – showing the time and source of their every visit and key website action.

Customizeable trended, cross-tab, and multi-metric reports let you view data in virtually any way you need to see it. Tag your campaigns to group and report on your results in any way you’d like.

Access the raw data for deeper insights


For deeper insights, your analysts can run SQL queries directly on your digital marketing data warehouse.

Connect internal or third-party reporting tools directly to the online database to integrate and format your marketing data any way you like.

Database for Analysts
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