Message archiving and time preference

We recently released a new feature that allows you to archive any message folder and thus hide it from various drop down menus in your account. No more messy, long lists of old and unused messages!

To archive a folder, click on the “Edit folder” link next to the folder’s name and check the “Archive folder” check-box.
Archiving a top-level folder automatically archives all of its sub-folders.

You can use the “Hide archives” link at the top of the message list page to hide archived folders from the messages page. This is a user-based preference, so your choice to hide (or show) the archives will still be in effect the next time you log in.

In addition to archiving, we also introduced a user-based time preference feature accessible from the “My preferences” page. You can set the time and date format you prefer and you will see this change reflected across the interface.

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