By: Zoltan Wagner On: May 17, 2016 In: Product Releases Comments: 0

It’s been two months of small feature releases in March and April. Tiny bug fixes, wording changes, adding a column here and there — all based on feedback from our clients via support tickets, screenshares, training calls or as a byproduct of full service jobs.

Here is a list of the releases:

You can now add up to three interests to contacts as you import lists

new features for importing lists

Password strength checker and “send login info” option added

When administrators create new user accounts they now have the option to send login details to the new user. An improved password strength checker is also in place.

password strength checker

Additional columns added to the email activity overview page

additional columns added to email activity

Minor lead list and lead alert updates

The lead list now remembers filters and the sort order after navigating away, for example to the process leads page.

The lead’s website now shows on all lead alerts, the first three entries on the timeline are expanded by default and converting forms are linked directly from the timeline.

The consent and subscription preferences page is (finally) mobile-friendly

mobile friendly consent and subscription page

The following fields were renamed

  • Remote_addr -> Last IP Address
  • Http_referer -> Last Referring URL
  • Last modified -> Last Modified Date
  • Date created -> Create Date

In case you missed it…

A few of our clients told us they didn’t get our previous release announcement email. In case you missed it, you can read it now. In addition to new servers and a new website Call To Action (CTA) buttons and new Social Media Icons are now available.

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