New Contact Lists Folder

Next time you log in to import your contact list into your BetterMail database, you will notice some changes to both the file upload interface and the import process.

We’ve made some small changes to make uploading lists easier and faster: The Contacts/Import page now directly links to the file upload page and when you upload a list you will be redirected to the import page immediately – this speeds up the import process by eliminating three extra clicks.

At the same time, we’ve changed where your data is stored to add an extra layer of security to BetterMail. Contact lists are now stored in a designated folder called “Contact Lists”, while supplementary files (images, PDFs, etc) remain in the My Web Files folder.

We moved all contact lists from the My Web Files folder into the new Contact Lists folder. File names and folder structures are retained.

We continue to offer unlimited file storage space for all accounts and continuous monitoring of import lists to maintain good deliverability rates.

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