New Feature: Custom Column Views

Did you know you can now create an unlimited number of columns based on custom fields within a contact view page?  Better yet, we’ve upgraded our column view feature to allow you to save these views for easy future reference.
With the new column view features, you can customize the way you wish to look at contact data to maximize efficiencies.  If you have multiple users within your account, they can each set up and save their own custom column views.  This is particularly helpful in situations where you may have several users needing to access data, but for different purposes.
Even if you’re the only one with access to your BetterMail account, you may want to set up a number of specific custom views so that you can quickly and easily manage your data from different perspectives.  For example, you may want to set up a custom view that displays fields relevant to sales tracking, and another that highlight’s subscription options for your various email campaigns.

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