New Fields: Language and Website

Two new fields are now available for all contact records: Language and Website.
These fields are standard fields – just like email, country or phone number, etc. – which means that you can import and export them, add them to the column setup, use them in filters and use them as merge fields in messages.
The fields are called – not surprisingly – “language” and “website” so the merge field tags to use are: {language} and {website}
In the import file, the language field can be spelled out or the two-letter language code can be used. For example: French, FR, ES, DE, English, Spanish, EN, etc. are all acceptable values.
The website field can be stored with or without the http:// prefix. The http:// prefix is automatically added, if it’s missing. For example: turns into
The addition of the language field sets the stage for multilingual language support for the preference management (unsubscribe) page, send-to-friend page and thank you pages.

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