New For Developers: Custom Variables in Success URLs:

We have just added to the existing functionality of passing variables through to success URL’s on forms:

For some time now, you have been able to pass variables through to a success page by inserting the same dynamic tags you would use in a message in the URL.

For example, if you had a thank you page of:

…and you wanted to pass name, email and a custom field called “website” to that page,
you would use:{email}&FirstName={fname}&WebSite={@my-website}

You would then of course have to program the php (or asp, etc.) script on the receiving page to parse those variables out of the URL.

This is how you can display dynamic information on a thank you page that you host. Another interesting use of this feature is to use it to pass submitted form information to a secondary system that you host, and then pass the visitor on to a 3rd thank you page.

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