New List Format for Interests

We’ve changed the interest list page to use a new format as part of an ongoing transition over the coming months to update every list to use this new design.
Here are the highlights of the changes:

  • search interests across all groups
  • the new list is fully exportable, including stats
  • interests can be moved in bulk between interest groups
  • new “move groups” option added
  • it is faster -the list engine uses JavaScript to open and close groups and select interests so the page doesn’t reload as often
  • added new icons and full screen mode
  • greater control over viewing stats
  • control buttons are located on the top and on the bottom of the page for added convenience

You can continue to use interests the same way as before; this update only affects the management of interests from the interface, not their behaviour. Filters that are based on interests, interest group settings and other related options remain unchanged.
Client feedback continues to be an important and essential part of our development process. Please send your comments about the new list to

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