New Message Editor

A new message editor is now available for all users. The editor looks very similar to the previous version but it has many new and upgraded features. The old editor will be available until June 1, 2009.

Below is a list of new features:

  1. Legacy support
    Messages created by the old editor can be edited using the new editor.
  2. Easily add special links
    One-click addition of “view online”, “send to friend” and “unsubscribe” (English or French) pages. (click on the Link icon and select the type of link you want to use).
    Users no longer have to remember and type in special codes such as {@msg-url}.
  3. Upload images while editing the message
    No need to leave the editor to upload images into the My Web Files folder area – images can be uploaded directly from the message editor.
    This eliminates the need of having to upload every image used in the message prior to opening the editor.
  4. Quick preview
    Messages can be previewed directly from the editor while editing the message. You no longer have to save the message, click the preview icon, go back to the editor, make changes, save the message, preview, etc…
    To preview a message click on the Preview icon (next to the source button)
  5. Improved handing of special characters
    Special characters such as curly quotes, long dashes, and French characters no longer create problems or turn into “scrambled” content.
  6. Full screen mode
    Editor can be used in full screen mode to maximize the workspace area.
  7. Right clicking on elements to view/modify properties
    Element properties for images, links, tables, cells, paragraphs, headlines, etc. are no longer displayed on the bottom of the editor – they are accessible and changeable by right clicking an element.
  8. Improved anchor links
    Easily create anchor links (links within the message – often used for table of contents links) by clicking on the anchor icon. Once anchors are created you will be able to link to them from the link management window.
  9. Paste from Word option
    Option to remove unnecessary (garbage) code created by MS Word when copying content into BetterMail.
  10. Paste as plain text option
    Option to strip all HTML code from content that is imported from another application.
  11. Image positioning preview
    When an image is added to the message you can preview its alignment in the message body such as left or right aligned or text wrapping around image.

The links to unsubscribe and to the change communication preferences page (added automatically at the bottom of every message) didn’t change.

If you require any assistance please to call our customer support line or send us an email.

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