New System Improvements Released Today

We’ve released a number of improvements to the system today:

  • Clicking on the Campaign Launch button automatically saves campaign settings (no need to click Save before clicking Launch)
  • Renamed the Update button to Save on campaign edit page
  • Switched order of buttons to: Save, Test, Launch, Duplicate, Delete (used to be Update, Launch, Test, Delete, Duplicate)
  • Added option to send to interest OR filter (used to be send to filter only)
  • Removed filters marked as “test” from list of filters to force use of the Test function rather than creating and sending multiple campaigns to one (test) contact only.
  • Added quick-help (rollover) icons to the campaign setup page
  • New feature: Short Tracking URLs (TinyURL style links). It’s currently disabled by default (visible/greyed out), but we’ll turn it on for anyone who asks. We may make this the active default once we get some feedback. Ask us for it and let us know how you like it!

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