One-click unsubscribe

A ‘one-click unsubscribe’ link has been added to the bottom of each message sent from BetterMail in addition to the ‘change preferences’ link that has always been available for contacts receiving BetterMail messages.

The ‘change preferences’ option allows contacts to change their email addresses, their preferred email type and subscribe to or unsubscribe from various mailing lists.

We added the extra ‘one-click unsubscribe’ link due to the increasing demand from clients to offer a quick and easy way for their contacts to unsubscribe from their lists and to make it very clear that the opt-out option exists – many people look for the word ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of emails and find it too ‘complicated’ to unsubscribe via the preferences page.

We expect that this simple addition will reduce spam complaints and help with list management.

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