Simplified Contact Import Process

Here’s some great news from BetterMail. We’ve made it easier for you to upload your contact lists into our database with the introduction of our new Import Mapping feature.

The Import Mapping feature replaces the old contact import process, simplifying the way lists are added to the database. It eliminates the need for you to rename header fields in contact lists before importing them to match the BetterMail field names. Instead, fields in contact lists can easily be “mapped” to fields in the BetterMail database during the import process.

This means that virtually any comma separated (CSV), or tab-delimited (TXT) file can be quickly and easily be imported without the need to remember what BetterMail calls the fields.

Plus, to make importing even more user friendly we’ve implemented some artificial intelligence to the process: the system identifies – with great accuracy – the various fields in your import file and automatically maps them to the BetterMail database.

The new Import Mapping feature is also fully compatible with your old import files!

As always, your feedback is very important to us so don’t hesitate to let us know how you think we can further improve BetterMail for you.

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