Spring '10 Feature Updates

It’s been over a month since the last product update blog entry and one might think that not much is happening on the BetterMail front. The truth is that we’re so busy with development we didn’t have time to blog : ) A number of improvements have been released in the past month with a special focus of making the user interface more intuitive and user-friendly. Several other projects are also in development.

Spring ’10 Additions & Improvements

On-page error and confirmation messages

We’re on a quest to cut back the number of clicks it takes to perform common actions. You may have already noticed that on many pages after a change is made the confirmation (or error) messages are displayed on the top of the page while the rest of the page is fully loaded below the message. This eliminates the need to click “OK” on the annoying stand-alone confirmation pages.  More than 50% of pages are already converted to using the click-free messages.

Test messages

The “send test messages” popup window got a facelift to include new styles, descriptions, error and confirmation messages. Of course, after the test messages are sent the popup window auto-closes to save one additional click!

Source folders

Source folders were rolled out last week. They work the same way as interest, message and campaign folders.  No more excuse to keep a messy source list.

Auto responder details

The auto responder details page now allows you to preview messages sent by auto responders, jump to the message edit page, view the auto responder campaign stats or edit the same campaign – all from one page. A small change but we find it very helpful (and it also reduces clicks).

Sub-folders for messages

Messages can now be organized using nested folders. This makes it easier to archive old messages or to group them by date or various categories. To create sub-folders scroll down to the bottom of the message list page.

Filtering by interest group

Interest groups have been around for years but until recently there was no option to select contacts by one of the interest groups (individual interests had to be used).  On the filter setup page you can now select “Interest group” as a filter condition.

What’s on the horizon for June/July?

Since the beginning of May we have been beta testing hosted forms! This feature will allow you to control form layout and behaviour directly from the BetterMail interface without having to modify the form code on your website. The hosted forms feature is a major development milestone and we’re glad to announce that it is scheduled to be released in late July 2010.
But before that, we’ll release a number of smaller features such as user based date and time preferences, nested campaign-groups, message archiving and improvements to the export feature.
Thanks for reading, enjoy your summer and don’t be shy to send us an email if you have a cool idea for a new feature!

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