Clearly Identifying Test Messages

Did you send this email to me only or did you send it to everybody? Until now there was no way of telling unless you asked the sender or checked the stats in the interface. Starting today test messages are marked with a “Test-only” flag, which means that recipients of test emails can positively identify that the message is only a test and not part of a live campaign.
The following line is added to the very top of each test message:
NOTICE: This is a testing-only message sent from BetterMail.

How to send test messages anyway?

Create your campaign using the final filter or list you wish to target. On the campaign settings page click the “Test” button, select a test filter and click “Send test”.
This way you only end up with one campaign entry (the test and live campaign are the same) and when you’re done testing all you have to do is click the  “Launch” button instead of “Test” and your emails are on their way! Because the message, filter/interest and delivery time/date is already set up the chances of sending the wrong message to the wrong list at the wrong time are very, very slim.

How not to send test messages?

We strongly recommend that you do not test emails by creating one ore more separate test campaigns and a separate “live” campaign. If you wish to send test messages please refer to the paragraph above and use the same campaign for testing and sending. Do not create a new campaign over and over again and send them to one contact only. This way you’ll end up with many campaigns and when you’re finally ready to send the e-blast to all of your contacts you’ll have to set up yet another campaign and it’s possible that the final (live) campaign settings will differ from that of the test campaign(s).

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