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Canadian Email Marketing Software.


Use layouts and templates to create messages


Send hundreds or thousands of messages


Track results and send targeted campaigns


Use forms and imports
to grow your lists

Data Storage

Data is maintained in centres located in Toronto and Montreal.

Envoke is a Canadian owned company located in Toronto.

English & French

Language support for English or French according to self-service recipient selection.

Canadian Compliance

Compliant with current laws and ready for Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL).

Canadian Support

Support is provided by phone or email by our support people in Toronto.

Local Currency

All pricing is in local currency
for Canadian and US clients.

Grow your Database

Email database marketing software

Sign-Up forms

Create simple sign-up forms or complex forms with multiple interests and autoresponders. Forms are fully customizable and served up as a "hosted forms". Hosted forms can be updated directly from the user interface without having to change code on your website.

Import your contact list

Easily import comma-separated (CSV) or tab-delimited (TXT) contact lists to your Envoke database. Records already in your database are de-duped and updated automatically upon import.


Send a single email or a sequence of messages using auto-responders. Auto-responders can be triggered by a form submission, list import or manually from the user interface.


If your master database is maintained outside of Envoke's email marketing software you can manage all updates using our API.

Create Emails

Email template software

Layouts and templates

Use built-in layouts in conjunction with colour themes to create messages with a consistent look-and-feel. Templates (custom layouts with pre-set colour themes) are also available and a basic template using your logo and website is created for you as part of your new account.

HTML editor

Paste your external HTML message to the HTML editor and edit it in source view or in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) mode, adding text and selecting fonts and colors just like in a standard word processing program.


Use merge fields in the subject line or anywhere in the body of emails. Any field - default or custom - can act as a merge field.

Dynamic content

Include content that varies according to each individual's unique interests, region or assigned salesperson.

Responsive, cross-platform emails

Regardless of what browser, email system or device your customers are using, our responsive layouts makes sure your message is displayed as intended.

Unicode compliant

Send messages in any language - our editor supports Unicode.

Text versions of messages

Every time you create and send a message a text version is created automatically. A text version is required for email applications that don't display HTML messages.

List Management

Email marketing software interface

Manage unlimited lists

Segment your opt-in database into multiple subscription options. Use these segments for your internal list management and even enable your contacts manage their own subscription preferences.

Bounce Management

Envoke's email marketing software automatically manages invalid email addresses by keeping track of bouncebacks and flagging "bad contacts" to keep your list as clean as possible. You have access to bounce reports per campaign, per domain and per individual contact record.


Segment lists and precisely target your messages with easy-to-use filters. Segments can be based on interests, contact fields, custom fields or participation in previous campaigns.


Export your entire contact list - or a segment of it - using filters and custom views.

Subscription management

Built-in subscription management page allows each contact to manage their own subscription and communications preferences. You can only use Envoke to email people who opt-in to be emailed. We do not permit sending spam.


Email campaign software reporting

Campaign reports

Opens, clicks, unsubscribes and delivery failures are all tracked automatically. Drill down to see the list of contacts for each reported item. We give you more than just an aggregate number - you can track results right down to each individual contact.

Database reports

View subscribed vs. unsubscribed records and subscription activity over time, per source. Custom reports are available as requested.

Account configuration and support

Email marketing system configuration

Multiple users

Account admins can create and manage multiple users in their account so everyone can log in with their own password.


In addition to your primary account you can create multiple "sub"-accounts based on departments or business area. For example, a college could have sub-accounts for alumni relations, faculty and students. Each sub-account can manage its own emails and preferences independently, drawing credits from the master account.

Identity management

With identity management you can send messages using different "from name" and "from email".


The majority of support issues are resolved within two hours. Support is available by email or phone at no additional cost. We approach support knowing that all of our clients have their own genuine needs and challenges. You will not receive generic or automated support responses.


Messages are sent from well established IP addresses with a good reputation. We also maintain feedback loops with major ESPs to take care of spam complaints instantly.

Host images and files

You can upload an unlimited number of images and relevant files - such as PDFs - at no extra cost. No need to periodically delete images to stay within a maximum storage limit.

Custom domains

Improve your brand recognition by maintaining consistency between your website and the links in your messages. A custom domain uses your own domain with a dedicated sub-domain for emails only. For example: email.yourwebsite.com. Custom domain setup is quick and simple and there is no additional cost for this service.

Specialized Services

While we have designed our email marketing software to be an easy turnkey operation, let us know if we can be of further service to your organization. You can hire our team for custom projects such as email template design, integration and data synchronization.

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