Some of the organizations using Envoke

What our customers are saying

“Envoke is a key partner in stewarding our donors. The interface is easy to use. Envoke helps us as we steward our donors on their journey, making them feel they are in the know, up to date on the issues in their city and that they are investing in a worthwhile cause and making a difference.”

Erin Childs    /   United Way Winnipeg

“Envoke being a Canadian company has been important for me. It allows my data to be stored domestically, and they have been very helpful navigating the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation to help my email to remain compliant.”

Peter Bearse    /   KFL&A Public Health

“It’s been excellent. Several other programs on campus also use it now because of our experience. The functionality is perfect for what we need it to do. Can’t say enough about the support staff.”

Chris Ford    /   Royal Roads University

“I have been continually impressed by Envoke. The customer service is fantastic, very responsive and helpful. The software runs quickly and is intuitive to use.”

Julia Kreger    /   University of British Columbia

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