Customer support and account setup

Solution focused, quick support and guided account setup

Our support staff is an extension of your communications team. We believe in a win-win relationship and we’re committed to help you along the way from the moment you open a trial account.

Free account setup so you can hit the ground running

Customized onboarding is included with every new account at no extra cost to ensure continuity of service when switching from another provider to ours.


We help you create new email templates, forms, import your contact list and assist with list segmentation. If you’re switching from another service we aid with the migration of settings.


Once the account is configured we teach you how to use Envoke via a one-on-one screen share training session. This call is customized to your needs and priorities; the focus is on day-to-day workflows and your priorities to ensure you can get started using your new account immediately after training.

We’ll talk to you. Even after you sign up.

Talk to us whether it’s a support call, product walkthrough, demo, feedback interview or feature request.


At some point you will need technical support and certainly you’ll have lots of questions when you’re starting a new account. You will have feature requests. You may run into some sort of emergency or your IT folks have concerns about something. Your developers want to speak to other developers. Your management team wants to talk about future proofing and long term development plans. 


We’re here and we’re listening.

Professional services and consulting

In addition to free support we provide professional and consulting services at our rate of $150/hr. Contact us to discuss your project.

“The objective is not to “buy” or “sell” software. The objective is for the buyer and
seller to collaborate and learn from each other. Discovering a good fit or a bad fit
are equally valuable outcomes for both parties.


Put another way, a software vendor must avoid banging a square peg into a round

hole, just as you want to avoid being the metaphorical round hole receiving a
square peg treatment.”

Martin Millican
CEO, Envoke

What our customers are saying

Customer Service

4.9 / 5

Conversation Ratings


"Envoke support is very motivated to understand new customer needs and to provide timely responses and solutions.

"The Envoke interface is easy to use and we were able to set ourselves up quickly. Most importantly, the excellent customer service is reassuring and helpful when using the product.

"Envoke has been a big help by answering questions promptly, recording how to tutorials to answer our questions, and offering to support us. Thank you!"

"The customer support is prompt and comprehensive."

"Quick turnaround. Accurate and helpful. Thank you.

"Support is always very swift to answer any questions or to remedy any issues I have."

"Envoke is easy to use, easy to navigate and is well supported by customer service representatives."

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