Broadcast email solution for associations and regulatory bodies

As a membership based organization you need to effectively communicate with your members and the public. You need to differentiate between opt-in and mandatory messages. 

Send mandatory emails

Emails to your members or staff aren’t the same as newsletters that anyone can unsubscribe from. Mandatory or regulatory messages must reach recipients whether or not they are subscribed to optional content.
You can differentiate between optional and mandatory content with Envoke to ensure your important emails are seen by everyone.

You don’t get this with Mailchimp

Mailchimp, Constant Contact and other email marketing platforms are primarily for marketers to generate commercial revenue.
Envoke is for communicators whose goal is to effectively disseminate information in a manner that’s compliant and adheres to stringent data security and privacy standards.

Add, update and sync contacts with ease

As you maintain two databases – your master database in-house and one with Envoke – it’s important that data is in sync. Integrations make this possible automatically.
When automated integrations aren’t feasible, manual imports give you a quick and easy way to update contacts without having to worry about accidentally creating duplicates or overwriting subscription settings. Safeguards are in place for each import to ensure existing data isn’t disturbed.

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